New arenas map soon.

Do you guys think blizzard will add a new or two new maps for arenas? It's about time don't you think?
i hope not
If they are good.

But seriously, arenas going to get dry with these maps.
if the maps are good and clean like nagrand arena?? Yes

If its a bugfest, caster favored map like RoV?? no way
If they take the twin peaks approach of :

We did it right the first time and have @*#%ed up ever since, lets not try changing what isnt broken, and just clone nagrand around 5 times with various environments, I would love it.
This is what they need to do.. Remove ROV or make it so the pillars don't rotate up and down and just consistantly stay up... They also need to add maybe 1-2 maps.. No attempt at making it super fancy and end up screwing up though.. Just somewhere new with a chunk of from cata involved..
ROV will suck if your team has a rogue, because the other team has a slight chance of getting in combat with you... Also range aoe such as shadowfury, or thunderstorm, breaking rogues, druids or other players with stealth. Just sucks. But it would be cool if there was a new map for the next arena season.
Add an underwater map similar to Vashj'ir

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