Bug Report
Yes I said it, I figured out how to fix it. Now I must warn you, you WILL get killed but hey you get it done! Well I tried it just to see what happens and sure enough it worked, so that tells me that Bliz has the boats mixed up.

1. You need to be under water.
2. Board the ALLIANCE (yes for real) sub from under water. You wont get killed this way.
3. Get credit for boarding the ship
4. Wait till the boat moves, shortly after you will get credit for defending it.
5. You need to be VERY fast here, you will appear in the alliance camp you CAN get away with out being killed but chances are you will get killed
6. Congrats you completed the quest.
Be nice if bliz made a sticky on this post
I tired this as a ally getting on a horde ship... didnt work
Where do you find the Alliance ship?
Yeah. This doesn't work at all.
Did not work for me.. unfortunately...

Thanks for trying to help though!
didn't work for me
lol ... Yeah no luck here either. So false alarm guys ... still no fix
this worked for me,

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