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Would it make any sense for a ret paladin to take some of the holy non-set items (bracers, belt, and boots I believe) other than the fact that it matches with the armor? I've heard some people talking about how ret pallies are being pushed into a more supportive role, and it just made me wonder if trading off a bit of strength for some more Int would be wise if I was serious into PvPing. I would like to get your thoughts, because at the moment I'm inclined to pick up some of the non-set holy gear to boost my intellect and give me the ability to throw some more heals out in addition to whatever damage I'm doing.

Also it caught my eye that there is more than one set of what appear to be holy items (at least Atlas loot shows it that way). If you check it out, there is a set that appears to forgo bonuses to mastery and crit rating to stack more stamina. Is this to provide more choice to holy paladins or is there some other reason...? Just curious, thanks!

If you aren't going to post responses directly related to my question or other meaningful topics off of it, please DO NOT POST. I would rather avoid turning this into a "ret sucks" or "Holy paladins are the best" kind of thread. Thanks!
But doesn't Int add to spellpower now? I mean I know you'd probably lose a nice chunk of damage dealing capability if you did this, but you really think there is no trade off? Such as being a little more hybrid between damage and healing? Its probably a stupid idea.

However, I still would like to know why they made 2 different sets of plate healing gear, there is only 1 class that can use those, so it seems odd to have 2 different sets doesn't it?

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