LF Heroics 12/10

Ok, so I've tried the LFG Random, and I'm about done with it. I seem absolutely incapable of being hooked up with a group that can get along past the first pull, or coming into a run that's been stuck on the first or 2nd boss for close to half an hour or more.

I don't mind a challenge. I don't mind wiping. But I want cohesiveness and teamwork, and I'd prefer it with people who weren't raised on Wraith raiding and heroics...such people generally tend to be more open minded to the heroics we're going to be seeing here.

So I'm looking for some folks who are interested in grouping up tomorrow for a few runs if the group meshes well. Some of you may know me from my alts, Joryssk (Healadin) or Crossfire (Hunter); if you do, you know my quality already and I'd love to hear from ya. Send me a message in game if you are interested.

Your problem is that you're looking way too soon. Most people aren't even 85 yet. Give it time.
he's not the only one. it's coming to fruition where the good and the bad are getting sorted. pugging H's this early should have an exclaimer, "enter at your own risk for we are not responsible for any damage YOU may do to your computer or yourself" people are trying to play that faceroll style and it's not working. CC is at the most importance that it's ever been.

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