2v2 with warrior

What is the best healer / warrior combo for 2v2?

I really want to know if Disc / Warrior is going to be viable this season.
Holy pally/druid is the best IMO, disc is nice for the drains and CC/absorbing, really doesn't matter, I'd choose a druid for skillclone though
R Druid + arms warrior is probably going to be the best healer/warrior comp. With cyclone and deadly calm + colossus smash its going to be very decimating.
Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman are the strongest pvp healers right now, especially for 2s and 3s.

Resto druids are very sensitive to offensive dispels.

Priests are just flat out weak, the oom the fastest out of all healers as well.

Holy Paladins have the best mana longevity but shaman are very strong and have purge/lust.

Expect to see alot of holy paladin and resto shaman + any one of warrior, dk, warlock, feral in 2v2.

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