Ret PvP for better or worse...?

Alright so i was doing some battle grounds yesterday and it seems ret pallies still have the lower end of the stick when it comes to pvp :( we do have some nice burst and well thats about it, we have no more sacred sheild so our damage mitigation is horrible, getting holy power runes to 3stacks takes way to many rotations... to finnally get that TemplarsV off or word of glory. The one thing i do like though is the fact we can use hammer of wrath anytime when we got avenging wrath up this helps along with rebuke but it just doesnt seem quiet enough, i get blown up before i even get a chance to get into melee range most of the time. Anyways i wanna hear some of your guys thoughts on the future of Ret pvp and if it would be wise just to go holy or prot for pvp :( i never been a fan of protadins in pvp but i guess i might have to go with the flow of cata i suppose, anyways leave your comments and perhaps some tips for ret pvp, maybe im missing something /shrug
Don't forget we don't have defensive magic dispel anymore, either.

However, I think we have much stronger RNG burst. You can unleash AW HoW, AoW Exo and 2x TV back to back to back and that might be some decent burst.

Also, we have pummel now.

That said, I am definitely going holy for arena. Holy looks very strong so far.

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