Divine Storm Obsolete?

Is it just me or does any other ret pallies out there ignore divine storm. Divine storm used to be my favorite spell last expansion because i liked the feeling of damaging multiple enemies while at the same time healing. Now i just feel that its useless because it does not generate holy power and to make matters worst, it shares a cooldown with crusader strike. It feels kinda lame to forcefully click a weaker spell simply because we need holy power. I see no reason why to have crusader strike and divine storm sharing the same cooldown. Holy power mechanic is a mess. What do you guys think?
It is only better on packs of 5 or more mobs. The problem with it tied to HoPo was that by the time you had 3 HoPo the number of adds was probably below the threshold where it did more DPS than an ST TV. The problem now is that there are virtually no situations where you are ever in combat with 5 adds with no CC going on.

TBH the best fix would be to revert it to the old version where it is capped for the number of targets, but hits harder. That way it could be better than TV on, say, 2 or 3 mobs, but not hit more than 4 or 5 so it is not OP.
With how weak it hits, it might be time to swap it from Melee Damage over to Holy Damage. Give us an actual AoE that's worth using in trash packs.
I skipped it completely as well, i don't know if i would ever get it. When i see a pally in a bg using divine storm, i cry manly tears for days past. The pally does as he knows. I wasn't a ret back then but nothing makes you look like a towering beacon of holy wrath as much as divine storm does.
What if the damage done to each target increased depending on the total number of targets that would be affected?

This makes it a purely AoE ability and there really wouldn't be a need for it to generate or use HP.

1 Target - 60% Weapon Damage
2 Targets - 65% Weapon Damage
3 Targets - 75% Weapon Damage
4 Targets - 85% Weapon Damage
5 Targets - 90% Weapon Damage

Take it off GCD too and give it a 5-6s cooldown. For additional flavour, a percentage of the damage say 10/20/30% can be converted to Holy Damage depending on how much HP the Paladin has.

Numbers are just there as an example, that of course needs tweaking.
Then perhaps the problem isn't just with Divine Storm, but the distinct lack of Strikes Retribution has.

You're right though, unless they do something like prevent the casting of Divine Storm unless you have more than 1 damageable target, I'd use it even if it was just 10% Weapon Damage. Sometimes there's just not things to press, and Light knows our Seal damage is low enough these days that it may actually be a DPS increase.

Zealotry - Hit target with a number of attacks equal to the current amount of Holy Power.
Righteousness - Hit for a low percentage of Weapon Damage as Holy Damage.


Blizzard's trying to balance Divine Storm around a spec, not wanting it to be used every time it's up. Well, give us something else to hit with that isn't Crusader Strike and give us an actual choice between DS and something else, then you can fit Divine Storm in the ret repertoire.

I force myself to use Divine Storm for old time's sake against solo targets while questing. It just looks cool.

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