Healing for Less on Friendlies

So I've noticed that whenever I heal a friendly target, player or npc, the heal is for about 20% (guesstimate) less than the tooltip states it should be. However when on myself it heals for a little big more, although this would be from (3/3 Divinity).

Anyone else noticing this or know why this would occur?

Am I bad?

Ex: Holy Light
Tooltip states 9460
Heals me for about 10.1k
Heals a party member for about 8k.
It would probably work better if you weren't naked.
That was with gear on; the reason for my nudity was to test it without gear.
Same result happened; lesser heal on friendlies. Tooltip amount heal on self. Approximately.
Ya im noticing the same thing when I heal.. i cought that and thought wtf? The healing currently is kinda rediculous... being im doing reg dungeons and can barely keep people up without cc... but also run out of mana almost instantly.. hoping it gets better when I get better geared
I was told Divinity (the talent in prot) stacks. So when you cast heal on someone else, you get 6% increased bonus. When you cast heal on your self, you get 6% + 6% = 12%.

Perhaps that might be it? Maybe the tooltip calculates the numbers assuming the spells are on yourself, thus calculating the divinity? I have no idea.
In my secondary spec with 0 divinity points, my holy light heals me and only me for 9k and anything else for 7.5-8k. Why?

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