Holy pally lvling

I must be doing something wrong. I realize that dps as an H pally would be low but when it takes me more then 5 times longer then a dps to kill te same mob thats just horrid. i believe it must be something im doing wrong. i just dont see how.

Is anyone else having this problem? i hate constantly switching specs and gear when i get into a run.
It's just two buttons... I'm not sure why that's hard.. DPS as holy is not really viable. If you want to not have to change specs between questing & doing dungeons, go prot.
12/10/2010 3:36 PMPosted by Kylxia
Well you don't have blazing light or full denounce. Those help a lot. I also have the exorcism glyph though that is fairly underwhelming because it's overwritten constantly. (see my offspec).

Assuming you're spamming Exo (which is what we do when we dps), you'd be way better off with the Glyph of Divine Favor. The Exo glyph is mainly for Retribution, who only use Exorcism when they have an Art of War proc.
Oh, you should. 20% haste and 20% crit is delicious.
get yourself a leveling buddy , thats what i did...from 80 to 84 i got a leveling buddy and from 84-85 leveled as holy alone.

it wasn't that bad...mana consuming though, holy wrath,holy shock, judgement, hammer and exorcism.

I used all of those...The 8th i was 85.
I was leveling as holy until I hit 84, then the mobs hp gets far too high to single dps them down efficiently. Had to find a a guildie to pair up with and aoe grind instead.

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