Paladin seems to be broken for some reason


I need to know, am i the only one to think that holy paladin are far to be what they used to be? I mean, alot of healing spell but not enough survival spell such as ''blessing of freedom''. The mechanic with all the holy power seems to be broken. It is not as effective as it looks like. For instance, healing you beacon of light for more holy power just nulify the main power of beacon of light (wich is to heal your beacon while healing others). I think the class still need work on the draw table.

What you think about it ?
I was going to come up with a response but the mage was already reported it seems in just 5 minutes after posting which was funny to me.
Healing on a paladin definitely feels off. You have to do awkward stuff in order to be equal to another healing class.

Healing a full hp target with slow efficient heal to get points to aoe heal... When your group needs aoe healing, you have to rely on having your 5 minute cooldown king of.. or trying to restack your holy power which doesn't happen with 1 way to make 1 instant point or 3 inefficient heals to stack it.
It's not awkward stuff. It's healing with your full toolbox. Just keep at it, you'll a feel for it eventually.

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