<A> Crude Dudes recruiting all levels

New guild <Crude Dudes> is recruiting players of all levels.

Purpose of the guild is not to raid, pvp or anything else like that. The purpose is to level, gain guild perks and then you are welcome to stick around or leave.

Any level characters are welcome to join, regardless of skill level. The faster the guild levels, the faster YOU get to enjoy the perks.

Both myself and Dooknukem have just about every single class to 80, so "noobs" or people unfamiliar with game mechanics, dungeons, where to level, etc. are of course welcome to join and encouraged to ask questions.

Upon hitting 85, we will be running Heroics and Raids. (Most likely pugging the raids)

If you're currently guildless, here is the perfect guild. We require nothing of you and you can just put guild chat on ignore if you'd like. You can enjoy all the guild perks, without any of the normal guild annoyances.

If you're interested, please whisper Arkyos or Dooknukem in-game.

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