How to find old quests to "complete" a zone?

I came back to WoW after a long absence partially because I heard they implemented a way to go back and find quests that you've missed.

I know about the low level quest flag on the minimap, but isn't there supposed to be a screen that shows all the quests in a zone and checks the ones you have done, so you can see which ones you still have not completed?

Thank you for your time.
Turn on the Low Quests Finder, it's under the magnifying glass on the map in the upper right corner of your screen.
Yeah, I did that. It still doesn't help me unless I happen to be in the same area are the questgiver.

Thank you though.
There is actually a way to query the server find out all of the quests you have/haven't done, and some addons use it. The addon Everyquest does exactly what you want, marks all the quest on your map you have not done yet. Unfortunetly I don't believe its been updated for the cataclysm revamp quite yet, not even sure the authors are working on it or if it will ever be updated. Anyone know?

But to your original question, no blizzard doesn't offer that functionality in the basic UI
MobMap has the ability to query as well and has a variety of options to narrow down the results including choosing a zone and level. I'm attempting to use it to get Loremaster and it seems to work pretty well. The only glitches that I have found so far are that the Blizzard database will show I have not completed a quest but when I go to the quest giver, he doesn't have it for me. I also noticed with the new patch that I am having to repeat quests that I know I completed before Cataclysm but only in the low level areas.
Awsome was wondering about that for an addon 'cause I faction changed one of my toons and had an uh ohs moment having to redo all the faction based quests to get the TP hubs in SW up again and lost out on my deepholm Quests for that toon to open the Therzane rep and not make the ilvl police flip one with a pvp/wrath shoulder chant on :P. +1 for saving an innocent keyboard from an epic faceslam lol.
You could download the addons Wholly and Grail which should help you find the questgivers for all the quests you have not completed. They can be downloaded from at the following links:

Thanks Nimhfree I'll check on that too. What would be the smart thing to do Blizzard wise is provide this service as part of the core game. Instead we get Transmog in 4.3 :(
I do not think Blizzard would want to do what Wholly and Grail do because it would make other addons like TourGuide or WoWPro stuff much easier to do and some people say that takes the fun out of the game. :-)
tired of legion. trying to go back to Cataclysm, Mt. Hyjal quests. Cannot find any of them. Does anyone know how to find them? Thank you
03/23/2017 12:06 PMPosted by Whitemizt
tired of legion. trying to go back to Cataclysm, Mt. Hyjal quests. Cannot find any of them. Does anyone know how to find them? Thank you

As mentioned earlier in the necro'd thread, Wholly/Grail combo still works. Also make sure that hidden quests are being tracked.
LOL - yes Whitemizt has necro'd the hell outta this one, but ironically I am doing the exact same thing (returning to an old area) and it is also Mt Hyjal! I was going to ask the same question, glad someone beat me to it.

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