Drahga Shadowburner, oH how I love thee

Twas a fine morning in the forever wonderous land of Azeroth
But no fine morning is complete without a good Dungeon
And so this one, full with glee and happy as can be
With diamonds for eyes and gold for teeth
This one did press I
And click look for group!
Twas but many many runs later that this one discovered
That Drahga Shadowburner
Was this ones nemesis
For Drahga Sadowburner saw through this ones clever disguise
And did not
Drop his shoulders.

In loving memorium of Drahga Shadowburner, you will be missed sorely even through all the pain and hardship your shoulders have caused.

Drahga Shadowburner
Beta - Live 2010

Yours Lovingly,
Bluesoda the Patient
What did I just read?



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