Per Aspera Recruiting on Dentarg

Does the thought of killing bosses make you salivate? Does being a top progression raider make you just a little bit excited? Per Aspera may be for you. Per Aspera is currently the #1 Alliance raiding guild on Dentarg. We are an Alliance 10 man progression guild, raiding Sunday-Thursday, 2:30 am to 6:00 Am server (11:30 - 3:00am pacific). Per Aspera is currently recruiting all with a preference for ranged dps and healers for Hardcore progression raiding. We currently have 8 lvl 85 players ready to raid, we just need 2 warm bodys who dont stand in fire and we can start collecting our epics. Please post an application at in the forums, after reading all stickys. For more info, please contact Naronas or Aargg in game.

What is Per Aspera?

Per Aspera is a progression raiding guild, now on the Dentarg server. We are a group of like minded individuals who share a common goal, progression while having a good time. We are full of people who will always try to get the maximum potential out of there character, using theory-crafting, every available buff/pot/flask and taking the time to learn in-depth fight mechanics BEFORE raiding an instance. What we are not is an insane group of players who expect you to be on no matter what. @%*! happens. People die, cars crash, power goes out. Raiding is about balancing this serious progression, with going outside and having a outside life as well. That being said, we do not take kindly to randomly vanishing. Officers are always available to contact through the forums, or their phones.

What sets Per Aspera apart?

Simply put, we are not here to wipe. We progress, and progress fast. When we do have to wipe to learn a fight, we don't get aggravated, and we don't give up. But we don't sacrifice having a good time, be it in vent or guild chat. We do not take players who will not be able perform as guild members, plain and simple. If you are here to be carried, expect to make it about one day, if we can't catch it before then.

Well this sounds great! When do you raid?

We raid from 2:30 am server to 6:00 am server, Sunday-Thursday. Yes, it is late. Yes, we have all heard it before. If the raid times do not work for you, we are not the guild for you.

This is the perfect guild for me, except I don't like EJ or theroy-crafting, I know how to play my class, I'm self taught! (Or any variation thereof)

Go away.

What does Per Aspera mean?
Per Aspera is Latin for Through Hardships.

I hit Apply to Guild but nothing happened!!!!1!

Please read how to apply on our front page, and in the forums.

Still recruiting anybody that doesn't stand in fire, if you are planning on using the free transfer please look us up.

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