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Give Repentance a more visual graphic. Tanks say they don't see it, dps keep over-riding it with Poly/hex/whatever because they didn't see it. I've yet to do a single dungeon where Repentance wasn't removed cause the tank didn't see it or a dps couldn't see it and decided to try to put their own CC on them.

Putting this here cause of lack of Suggestion forums and to get some support from my fellow rets.
While it does fade in and out of sight, I usually let people know ahead of time which one I'm rep'ing.

I agree it needs a better indication of "hey don't hit me", but I haven't had that many problems.
It's the same as Sap, which is why for both Repent. and Sap I usually request the tank mark the target beforehand.
Well, I always say "CCing Star" and the tank says I never used it cause he didnt see it. And dps still CC it again. I know it shares the same animation as sap, and I would have to say that is fine because it is obvious what gets sapped because a rogue goes out a head and everyone sees it.

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