Prot. leveling?

Hey all, I'm still fairly new to WoW, I left not long after WotLK came out with a 56 Druid. I came back with Cata.

I know there's a lot of hubub going on about Paladins at the moment, but I still like the idea.

I rolled a Worgen Warrior, and while I like it, I want to get into dungeons quicker. >.o

So I want to roll a Paladin to tank, but I was wondering if it will be NOTICEABLY harder to level.

Any input or suggestions for a guy who wants to get through leveling smoothly, but also wants to do low level dungeons for fun/gear?
From my experience I've found it to be just fine for leveling. You do kill things a little slower than Ret, but at the same time you don't take as much damage so its less downtime.
As far as with the recent expansion I'm not sure. But when I leveled my Paladin originally I leveled Prot most of the entire way and didn't do any instances really.

While I would try Prot now, Holy is my main spec so I chose Ret that way I could just level and have fun just beating stuff up in BG's

I would say just try it out! and have fun with AoE where you can grab 4-5 mobs at a time and take em down.

Ret burns through mana fairly fast so there is quite a bit of down time.

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