Crusader Aura not stacking.

With master riding and the guild perk mount up there is absolutely no difference in flight speed between myself with crusader aura and someone without. I've tested it many times with different people. Different classes have different perks... mages are meals on wheels, locks are summoning stones, so on and so forth... but pallies... we always had a little fun going faster than everyone else, even if it was only slightly. But no more...
I call PVP blitzes no more QQ cause it doesn't work in arenas and bgs!
I totally forgot about PvP... yes, it does boost us slightly in that... but i'd still like my crusader to effect flight.
Crusader Aura still affects flight...
Myself with master flight + Crusadar aura + the Mount Up guild bonus and others with master flight + Mount Up guild bonus fly at the same speed. Test it. Ive done it many times. Start at the same place, fly side by side for an extended distance... i should pull away, but no. And no their classes don't have speed bonuses either.
No... they are not in my party or raid...
Yes. While flying i'd switch between crusader and everything else and there is absolutely no difference in flight speed. Maybe a bug because of the guild mount up perk, which adds 10%, is in fact overriding it at that speed. Idk...
Is this using your eyes of an actual addon to track the actual speed.

Crusader aura is faster.
I'm confused.

310% + 20% = 330%

310% + 10% = 320%
12/12/2010 9:25 PMPosted by Cleanse
I'm confused.

310% + 20% = 330%

310% + 10% = 320%

That's not how it works.

It's (100+310) x 1.2 = 492% Run Speed vs (100+310) x 1.1 = 451% Run Speed
12/12/2010 9:25 PMPosted by Cleanse
I'm confused.

310% + 20% = 330%

310% + 10% = 320%

Even if this is how it was supposed to work you complete neglected to read my post. I'm pointing out the lack of difference at all. If it worked this way you'd still be slightly faster which means after extended periods of flying you'd pull away... which simply is not the case.
Crusader aura is for PvP.
Report the bug, if what you say is actually what is happening (you may just not notice or your tests where corrupted by ping difference) then it would seem there is a conflict with the guild perk... Or maybe Pursuit of Justice?

Why are paladin players so dramatic about things they don't like/ don't work? Fair enough to have a small complain but "RIP Crusader Aura" is kind of a jump to the end with the middle absent...
I like to get from A to D... dont care much for B and C. Yeah, i guess you can say the title is somewhat dramatic.
If they are in fact the same speed then it's a bug. However, likelihood is that it is an error in testing. Having two people doing it side by side introduces too many variables (latency, computer power, etc).

My advice is to get an addon that tracks distance travelled. use a 60 pct speed ground mount, and travel for ten minutes, check your distance, then turn on crusader aura and travel another ten minutes and check your distance travelled. To be even more precise, travel the exact same route each time. A straight line would be best.
Crusader Aura is actually bugged at the moment - instead of applying a 20% boost to total mounted speed, it's only applying a 4.3% boost. Which means that with Mount Up being 10% (and working), Mount Up takes precedence.

I've already reported this both in-game and in the Bug Report forum, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

I used the WoW API to get exact returns on mounted speeds when I tested for the bug - the GetUnitSpeed("unit") API returns the unit's speed in yards/second.

Here's the returns I got from it (only tested 100% and 310% mounts since it's impossible to use slower speeds if you've learned the higher riding skills).

Walking - 4.0
Walking Backward - 2.5
Running - 8.05
Running Backward - 4.5
Mounted (100% land) - 16.1
Mounted (100% + CA) - 16.79 (only 4.3% increase to total)
Mounted (310% flying) - 33.01
Mounted (310% + CA) - 34.42 (again, 4.3% increase to total)

The results I got, by the way, do support that Crusader Aura is supposed to be as a multiplier on top of the "final" mounted speed - that is, a 310% flying mount is moving at 410% of running speed (100% running speed + 310% increase for mount = 410%).

This means that, when it's not bugged, a paladin on a 310% mount is moving at 492% of normal speed (+392% mount, equivalent).

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