Crusader Aura not stacking.

12/12/2010 11:02 PMPosted by Rossignol
Crusader Aura is actually bugged at the moment - instead of applying a 20% boost to total mounted speed, it's only applying a 4.3% boost. Which means that with Mount Up being 10% (and working), Mount Up takes precedence.

I've already reported this both in-game and in the Bug Report forum, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

I used the WoW API to get exact returns on mounted speeds when I tested for the bug - the GetUnitSpeed("unit") API returns the unit's speed in yards/second.

Here's the returns I got from it (only tested 100% and 310% mounts since it's impossible to use slower speeds if you've learned the higher riding skills).

Walking - 4.0
Walking Backward - 2.5
Running - 8.05
Running Backward - 4.5
Mounted (100% land) - 16.1
Mounted (100% + CA) - 16.79 (only 4.3% increase to total)
Mounted (310% flying) - 33.01
Mounted (310% + CA) - 34.42 (again, 4.3% increase to total)

The results I got, by the way, do support that Crusader Aura is supposed to be as a multiplier on top of the "final" mounted speed - that is, a 310% flying mount is moving at 410% of running speed (100% running speed + 310% increase for mount = 410%).

This means that, when it's not bugged, a paladin on a 310% mount is moving at 492% of normal speed (+392% mount, equivalent).

Crusader aura works fine, you forgot to allow for your pursuit of justice. Since you move at 15% faster all the time, mount up has no effect on you and crusader aura seems to only give a slight benefit.

To the OP: You tested this wrong. Unless you're both flying in a perfectly flat straight line, one of you is going to take more time to travel the distance than the other, and unless you were able to start out exactly on top of each other you will be skewing your results by the amount of distance between you when you start. The 10% difference is not large and you need to travel fairly far before it becomes evident - if you're flying by hand the long distance just gives you more room to mess up.

There are two ways to test this:
1) Use the in-game GetUnitSpeed API.
2) Both you and your friend mount and hover in mid air. Have him set you on follow. Turn on auto-run in level flight over a nice big range, say down the length of the barrens. Make sure you are high enough you won't hit anything, but that you're flying level enough that you won't hit the flight ceiling. You should pull far enough ahead to be easily visible in about 30-40 seconds, assuming your friend has only mount up and not a 15% increased mount speed talent.
I've honestly had Crusader Aura working for me this whole time. Going from 280%-310% worked. Then adding 20% to that was faster still. The 10% from the Guild perk wasn't to amazing, but it seemed to factor in. Maybe Crusaders isn't going 20%, idk, but it does seem faster with that on
12/13/2010 5:17 AMPosted by Morelore

Crusader aura works fine, you forgot to allow for your pursuit of justice. Since you move at 15% faster all the time, mount up has no effect on you and crusader aura seems to only give a slight benefit.

Bloody hell, you're absolutely correct. That is absolutely my error - I forgot I had that talent!
Is Crusader Aura working with the underwater mount for anyone?
It seems to be slow to me. I purchased 310% mount the other day and it honestly felt the exact same speed... :(

One would think a 30% jump in BASE mount speed would have a larger effect when also being boosted further by CA.
I think what the original caster is suggesting is that the guild perk is overwriting crusader aura, which if true would be a nerf and is obviously an unintended bug. I'm gonna test this myself and report it if it turns out to be true. It'll get hotfixed if it is.
Crusader Aura
Mounted speed increased by 20%. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.

Does the "This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects." have anything to do with it?
You'd best hope that by complaining about this, the devs don't simply respond, "Call it a 4k gold ability then. You don't have to buy Master's!" and wipe their hands of it.
Dear OP

Unless you are both on the exact same compuiter with the exact same Latency you cannot test this with your eyes. Lag changes the appearance of everything. That is how on your screen you started mining first but the other person gets it first because they hit the server first.



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