Holy paladin stat priority

I was wondering what our stat priority is now. I had believed for a while that it was int>spirit>haste>mastery/crit
but I was told by some guildies that haste was downright horrible for us now and that it was in fact
can anyone confirm what is better? at lower levels crit could be saving more mana then casting a bunch with our mana pool and the more you crit the bigger you're shields. I'm not sure what to think right now, to early in expension.
Personally, I've gone with the int>spirit>haste>mastery/crit philosophy while trying to get my haste to 1678 for the ToR healing "rotation". With the state of LoD and beacon atm, building up holy power as quick as possible (w/o running out your mana) is pretty powerful. It seems to have worked pretty well so far and mana is only an issue when someone is not paying attention or there is a string of unlucky RNG. I also seem to have a pretty solid healing group working with me though so your mileage may vary.

PS. The reason I value crit/mastery as the lowest of the stats is their usefulness is subject to RNG elements. You can't always guarantee your going to get the crit you need in a vital situation. Mastery is nice if you are dropping big direct heals on tanks (loved my Val'anyr bubbles) but with my current healing style I'm not doing that (unless I want to go oom) and its usefulness on raid members is relative to the encounter.

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