Holy power FTL, Paladin class change

Like any change, there will be some that like it and some that don't. Nothing wrong with not liking it.

With that said, I think the addition of Holy Power adds a little more interest to the class, at least from a Holy spec standpoint. I personally like the idea of a non-mana spell/ability resource, which has to be monitored and appropriated separately from our mana management. I can't speak for Retribution or Protection spec, since those specs never really appealed to me as a Paladin, for various reasons (for Ret, mainly because I hate 2HND wpns and being forced to use them, when the tree should support both play styles IMO).

I even decided to make my red-headed stepchild Paladin (since vanilla launch) my main (as Holy spec) for Cataclysm, and leave my 80 Druid, Warrior, Priest and Hunter where they are for the time being, since I'm just more bored playing them after all these years.
Perhaps for holy it is good, and yes my threat is lower, but after a few seconds on the boss it does go up, but still not what it used to be.

But regardless, they completely changed the mechanics of tanking and it's no longer enjoyable for me, i have never liked the idea of combo points or enjoyed using them.

If they were to put holy power as a talent in the holy tree things would be allot better i think.
From my limited playing of holy, i've found that it actually works really well. It makes holy actually more fun to play. For Ret and Prot, it feels like a chore.

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