Well done Blizz. Love the changes.

Call me counter culture, but I for one love the changes to paladins. The new "dangle" provides a wonderful option for customizing your play style on the fly. Its extra, its fun, and it makes you think about what to do next. Do I need to heal? Do I want to smash? Do I want to save it just in case I might be in trouble soon? We've still got a ton of other support buttons and other things we could be thinking about.

I know its not /facekeyboardharderWIN!; been there, done that, whee for a while. Now we get to do something different and possibly more involving. I'm not worried. I don't challenge the paladin community at large to think any differently. It's not a perfect system. But those who are willing to face the changes and embrace them will probably find this a pretty rewarding class to play, no matter the spec.

I think once they tweak the mastery stat for ret paladins so that its a more rewarding stat, your dps will increase. I agree, my 74 paladin is a lot of fun with heirlooms on. I like the playstyle, personally. it just needs a buff in damage for max level.
I tried rolling a paladin pre-4.0. I couldn't do it. Popping a seal and then autoattacking for 30 seconds with an occasional Judgement was not fun at all. Now it's fun and exciting again.
Also agreed. I've heard so much QQ recently about holy pallies going oom much to quickly in heroics and normal dungeons on relatively simple pulls. The only reason they would be doing this is if they are spamming one or two heals (4.0 FoL spam, anyone?). It took me a little bit to stop having FoL be my go-to heal, but once i started getting used to it, healing has become incredibly fun and entertaining.

I hardly ever go oom, except when i make a mistake, or the rest of the group makes a mistake. Even then, with decent group members healing isn't bad. In fact, it's fun!

Congratulations Blizz, I enjoy pally healing now. Now i have to see when Season 9 starts, if pallies are viable in arena (Hopes).

I must agree. I have tried pallies multiple times since classic and I could never get into them. They just felt boring. I recently came back to the game and decided to try paladin since I could make a tauren and I have never looked back. The only character that has come close to this level of fun for me was the DK right after it released. That is how I feel when Im playing this toon. Just smashes thru everything. I just soloed all the group quests, excepth ring of blood, (stupid blue brothers) in Nagrand at lvl 66. It has been nothing but a blast. I dont see me having any alts for a while. This is the closest thing to perfect I have ever felt in a class. (I'm leveling prot so I have no idea about the ret spec. Its my off spec but I never use it.) Once I get at cap im going to switch my off spec to holy and try out healing.
I like pallies more as well, just needs some tweaking. (And by tweaking I mean more haste on my toon)
How dare you come onto these forum and post something positive, now get out!

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