Addon for tracking Orbs, Emp Shad, Evang?

Any suggestions? Balancing / keep track of these three things is obviously going to be a big part of playing as a spriest, would be nice if there was an easy way to keep track of how many stacks of each you currently have.

If there isn't a dedicated addon for this I'm guessing it's possible with power auras (I have no experience with power auras, so I'm not entirely sure what is / isn't possible with them).
Power Auras should be able to track all 3. I haven't setup any warnings for shadow as my MS is Holy.

Have you tried using Power Auras yet? Its really not that hard to use, and once you make 1 or 2 warnings, you'll get the hang of it :3

Just open options. Click new. Type in the name of the buff you want to track. Configure what display you want to popup with the sliders. (You can change: color, location, size, animations, etc). On the Stacks box, you'll need to put in =3,5 (depending on the buff and when you want the alert to show). The bottom of the main screen just select the boxes in which you want the alert to show. Such as only in combat, dont show when resting, etc.

Try it out if you have any questions, just post here and I'll try my best to help out =D
I agree with everyone so far, power auras is something you'll definitely want to check out. I haven't found anything that provides the same level of customization for buff/cd/stack warnings.
Ideally what'd I'd like to have is a "meter bar" for them that fills up (or some other visual cue for when you have 1 stack, 2 stacks, etc.). From what I've read this should be possible. I'll play around with it when I get home from work and post back if I have any issues (or if it works lol)
I dont believe forteXorcist tracks this i could be wrong but i only have that showing the uptime of my dots at the moment.

Personally Power Auras would be the best options or maybe even spellflash.

I have auras configured for orbs, dark evangalism, archangel, a couple cooldowns. dont have it for emp shadow setup though. its nice to just focus on what your doing and notice the aura pop up and just go to work. dont have to look away at a bar or anything. but to each his/her own.

Let us know what you find out. Id love to see if anyone has a better way

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