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You don't hear the rogue complaining...
I don't understand why someone would quit playing the game just because healing a dungeon now takes a little more skill than it used to. Yes, you do have to manage your skills and cool downs now, but isn't that why we have them?
I love how everyone in here is talking about re-learning how to heal. Ok i get it this is not WoLK anymore, ive got to watch what i cast and when check. Flash Heal out check. Use cooldowns check. get kicked from group due to running oom due to a tank not being properly geared or dps only pulling 4k dps and standing in all the pretty fire check. I wouldnt have a problem with cata healing at all if people would just learn how to use all there freaking abilities. But thats not going to happen. I'll run oom basically every other mob. I try to use heal as much as possible but its just not feasible so ill switch to greater heal or try to bubble while in disc which just get's torn down in 2 hits anyways. So all the people that are saying oh ill run a whole dungeon and not go OOM what the hell are you doing then, the groups your in must be actually playing unlike all the trash ive gotten into.
I've been told the new content is quite good and the dungeon bosses interesting and fun.

I wouldn't know, haven't had time to look up from grid yet.

Sure healing in Wrath was tedious. Now it's tedious AND difficult. I had high hopes for archangel and the chakra system... Instead they just gave us the same old 2 spells to spam, reduced their power and tripled everyone's health bars.

Whooooo are we having fun yet?.
It takes a whole group to wipe. Unadjusted Healers, tanks who don't use cooldowns. DPS who aren't situational aware/unaware of abilities. These are all things that can lead to a wipe. If OP is running out of mana, try working with the rest of your group to see what you can do differently. Approach them and say, "Hey, i'm running OOM real quick, is there a CC we can do? Or, can you pop a cooldown to help me out?" Cataclysm content isn't exactly PUG friendly, and, that's okay, hopefully it will lead to people learning the game better and not being a total asshat to each other in LFD.
Ive healed non stop since I started playing wow some 4 years ago. I must say Im more excited now then ever before with my role. But mana is an issue at times. It really comes down to a few things.

First, as soon as ppl get to the "magic" number of 329 they are hitting heroics. Some in off spec, hell even off class gear just to get the ilevel they need, hoping to be carried. I was in a heroic no more than 15 minutes ago where the top DPS was 6350, and he was the tank. I dont want to sound rude, but if you arent pulling 8k min (thats a VERY generous number) gtfo and go get more gear from normal mode.

Second is failed mechanics. This isnt wrath anymore. Healers can't recover as well and will always go oom when someone eats a "blitz". Bottom line, avoidable damage, l2 move ppl. Eating a 100k ground smash because you are either too stupid or too lazy to strafe is not the healers fault. I happen to love this mechanic though, weeds the baddies out real fast. Another thing I've noticed with DPS is the "someone else will get the add" mentality. A few days ago someone said in a random "i dont kill adds, thats for scrubs"

Third is scaling and mana cost. I have about an 83k mana pool right now and have very descent gear. But it does seem a little unreasonable that a mass dispell cost somewhere around 7,500 mana.

Fourth is poor tanking, but not really the tanks fault. Wrath was a joke to tank and tanks have become lazy. They started viewing their defensive CDs as oh $3!t only buttons. They were never intended for that. They were intended to be used and rotated through on every fight, even trash. Also, Tanks are still trying to pull at break neck speeds. 35k mana might sound like a lot, but again, when a mass dispell is 7500.....This isnt wrath, stop pretending it is.

Fifth is CCing. Really? do we need to talk about this, your level 80 frekn 5. If you dont know who gets the square, moon, diamond, ect, again, not trying to be rude, gtfo. Oh, sorry about that. I forgot we didnt use much CC in wrath and some may have forgotten or some might not know. Skull= kill, first X=Kill second, Square is hunter CC, Moon=mage, star=rogue, triangle=druid, diamond=shaman, circle=follow it around because we think you are to stupid to do this fight on your own.

Sixth and finally, sadly, is Healing mechanics. When I go shadow healers are'nt paying attention. IF your tank is at 60% health but the boss is casting mending flesh or another prolonged spell, you dont need a flash heal. You have time, throw out two heals or a heal and renew. For me, I gain mana during a heal cast. Or, if the mob is casting a shadow bolt, skip the renew and start your heal early. Know what damage is incoming and pre heal and heal accordingly. There is a reason the glyph of flash heal increases healing done by 10% on target at or below 25%.....its the only time you should really use it. BTW, if you are a holy priest and dont have lightwell right now, stop reading this and go get it and glyph it. Its 18k healing x15 basically mana free. And ffs, like the tanks, rotate CDs.

In short, ppl are very confused that not only does blizzard expect them to use their entire spell book, they want them to do it while avoiding bad stuff. Damn you blizzard for making the game challenging again!! (kidding) Overall I think blizzard did exactly what they intended and what many of us wanted. Make it challenging again! Look, there is nothing wrong with sticking to normal dungeons past ilevel 329!
12/13/2010 9:48 AMPosted by Klaern
It sounds like a lot of healers need to learn how and when to use their spells again... For example, flash of light is for emergencies, not spamming like it was in Wrath.

That's the way it's supposed to be, however, when I'm healing on my pally; the tank's health is dropping way to fast to wait for a baby heal and a 2.3 sec-ish cast. So flash of light is still being used a fair amount. Not saying I spam it, but "emergencies" appear to happen every other cast.
12/18/2010 2:20 AMPosted by Kevyne
I don't understand why someone would quit playing the game just because healing a dungeon now takes a little more skill than it used to. Yes, you do have to manage your skills and cool downs now, but isn't that why we have them?

WoW is a game, not a job.

Get it, yet?

You've obviously never worked a real job in your life.

If being aware of what's going on is "work", then why am I not being paid?
its not always the healer. dps has to be on top of their game as well, theres a couple bosses on heroic that i can heal easily if the dps does good. i can stay 90% mana just by healing the tank, but as soon as a dps stands in the fire and doesnt move, im forced to spend 25% mana to get him back up to half health. it sucks, but it definatly teaches you and the dps to pay attention.

on another note, i've found that the mana is JUST right for the boss fights. usually about the time i go oom, the boss is killed.
My guild leader was a warior tank and holy priest back in the 40man days. I've learned a few things about how things used to be, and being from the TBC generation I feel sorry for the "wrath-children" who have been catapulted into this new system without guidance or preparation. Healers running oom, tanks getting flattened, trapping/sheeping/sapping, and all that. I wonder how many people are getting upset because they can't survive in heroics just because they dinged 85? I remember chain wiping on H.UP in blues and greens. I dreaded the Skadi fight.

My guild has 3 resto druids. One has given up and spends most of his time on his mage. The second is doing well. The third is doing well. Whats the difference? The first one refuses to do anything different than he did in T10 gear while running heroics... the other 2 have done their homework, rearranged their keybinds, and are able to maintain their mana while keeping people alive.

Incidentally, our best healer is the same person who was our best healer pre 4.0... a Holy Paladin.
This seems to be a hot subject. I am in need of relearning healing, but the problem with PuGs is that they don't seem to expect members to learn, they want me to already be an expert with new changes. I do not want any nerfing of the Heroics, they should be hard, that's why we have regular versions. Just wish were not so many rage-quit players when there is a wipe. All classes need to adjust but it seems the healers are feeling it the worst for sure. I know wrath was not right because I never needed to use cooldowns at all, so the perseived "nerf" to healing was needed. We healers really need the help of the whole group to be successful. My biggest hangup right now are those slow low mana heals. Two plus second heals seem like a lifetime when casting and watching the green bars shrinking fast, with time I'll adjust. We need the other classes to be using their CDs and damage/aggro dump abilities as well. A highly skilled healer can (mostly) heal through dps/tank who fail to use abilities. Cata needs team work, something that's sorely missing right now. Time to find a new guild as I don't want to PuG right now, sorry DPS que times.
You all of course do realize one of the reasons WHY this change occurred right? Healers in PVP laughing while 3 or more players tried to down them and all the while spamming heals that cost little to no mana to keep them up. If said healer had a couple of DPS with them, it was a joke to 'take out the healer' while you all were wiped on it.

This, with the advent of rated BGS, is why healer's are no longer so mindless. Healers ruled the BGS by facerolling...and Blizz saw that.

It's definitely challenging to heal in Cataclysm and that's by design. We want players to pick and choose what spells to use and when. Those in your group will also need to be conscious of whether or not they're putting out enough DPS, taking too much damage, and more. You'll probably be pulling out more "tricks" from your bag than you've been doing in awhile. You're also going to miss a time or two, run out of mana at a bad time and find yourself trying to figure out just what went wrong. Even experienced healers are going to have to dig their heels in a bit.

That said, we're keeping an eye out for how healing is going and should we feel there need to be adjustments, we'll make them. As many have noticed, we're starting to get a larger population of level 85 players who will be running through the content and getting better gear to compliment their spells and abilities. That should help some.

I hear ya. I really do, and I applaud the new direction you guys are trying to take by making healing a job that is no longer a one button job with little skill involved if one has the right add-on (Yes, with healbot, WotLK healing was skill-less). I realize this is by design, but I wanted to point out my dissatisfaction with healing in general. You've changed healing from proactive to reactive. I used to love healing on my Pally, because the style was perfect for healing proactively, as was Disc healing on my priest. Now no healer can "stay ahead." We're forced to let health pools drop 50% or so before pulling out the big heals. I hate that "Oh crap, gotta catch up!" feeling when healing.

Part of tanking is being able to react to things that happen, but a great tank doesn't have to. He is proactive in positioning, rotation and general knowledge of class and encounter. I used to heal the same way, but now this is just not possible. I won't cry about it. What's done is done. I simply won't heal. I expect many others have made the choice to go DPS instead too. This is going to be a real problem in a few more weeks when all of your priests, pallys, and druids are queued as DPS.
I myself coming from BC where we needed 2 do all the CC that is again called for. I am having a hard time with mana as well. I am not a spammer on heals we do CC the mob down ta one or 2 mobs coming from 4- 5 ..
but it just seems the lower skills are not hitting hard enough and the ones that do are pulling mana out of me like I have a "titanic" rip in my mana pool.
I like a challenge as much as anybody else but this is getting a tad bit crazy.
love my healer I do... but if this keeps up might switch back 2 my dps.
12/18/2010 6:38 AMPosted by Blanq
I don't understand why someone would quit playing the game just because healing a dungeon now takes a little more skill than it used to. Yes, you do have to manage your skills and cool downs now, but isn't that why we have them?

For the vast majority of people, easy is fun and difficult is not fun.

Blizzard has really pulled a New Coke in this expansion by thinking otherwise.

MMORPG's are difficult, time consuming and rewarding. It's putting in the time and effort that makes downing a boss for the first time such a great feeling of accomplishment. Why play when you can down any boss for the first time without ever really experiencing the fight? Where's the reward in that? A piece of gear that anyone can get after playing for 30 minutes? If you want to play an easy game then you might want to look for something other than an MMORPG.

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