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is this the thread where we can also tell people to eat your food/use your own bandaids when we're in between rests while us healers are drinking?

Because we'd appreciate that!
81 pages of debating where healing stands. That tells you something is clearly not right with it. Blizzard will probably buff healing a lil bit. If I was a new player I would never heal at 85. There is NO GUIDE ON WHAT IS THE RIGHT WAY. This is what is wrong with wow at the moment.

Blizzard goes changing things, but doesn't really break down how the healing is set for the different classes. Of course players who been healing forever are going to learn to adapt to the changes. New healers are going to think "This is horrible, gg on healing".

You don't drastically redesign healing without breaking down the changes "per class" to the player base.

L2Guide blizz....Maybe a online guide on dps, tanking, and heals for all the classes. So people don't have to go to fansites to learn the game. O.o

Also a guide on some of these new bosses would be awesome. I'm so tired of retyping out how to kill boss to every lfd. Most players aren't going to roam fansites for boss kill info. Should be on y
couple of things here.

1 if you arent a healer, get the hell out of here before i slap the crap out of you. you are the kind of people that make the healing job miserable.

2 you say the healers are fail because we are still stuck in "wotlk mode." i agree, some of us are. the majority are not. the majority are stuck with dps and tanks who think its still wrath. and their idiocy dooms the whole group, and its rediculous.

3 "if you think a dps is unhealthy for the group, boot them" I HATE THIS COMMENT!!! you dont think we try to do that? and every time we do, one of two things happen. option 1-"cannot boot player for another 13 mins"....ugh.... or, option 2 vote is up for confirmation, does not go through, other people defend the retard and blame you for being fail. most times then you get booted.

4 "dps are taking the brunt".....lol....

5 FFS if you are a dps class with aoe heals "pally shaman druid" USE THEM!!!!! i shouldnt have to ask you to use them, you see a mob doing massive aoe to everyone, you are almost dead, the tanks almost dead, im almost dead, the rest of the dps is almost dead, F-F-S MAN!!! click the button!!!!

LASTLY- have some humanity. if your healer is struggling, dont be so fast as to berrate them and kick them. healing is far harder than it was before, other things are too, but healing sees it all. a bad tank is felt by the healer, bad dps is felt by the healer. if you overstress the healer by yelling and screaming and continuing to do stupid things and assuming the healer will pick up on it you WILL fail.....EVERY SINGLE TIME.
and healers, heres my flip side.

1 learn to help yourselves. dont just sit down and drink and dont tell anyone. it isnt their job to babysit you and make sure you are all ready every single pull.

2 macros. make them. use them. spam the crap out of them till the group listens to you. they will be pissed, but you wont fail.

/say FOCUS FIRE %t
/say CC %t
/say Drinking dont pull

just a couple of mine, make them and use them. they will save you from having type and heal at the same time and get you the help you need.

do the same with boss explaination macros if you feel you need to. still got mine from the first week.
3 mark targets if none are marked. help the dps not be stupid.
I held off in my reply for a while because I wanted to see how things were going for me post-Cata. Early days in an xpac are not representative (one hopes) of how things will continue to be. I am especially hopeful now, because right now the game is sucking for me, both as DPS and as heals.

As DPS the suckage, besides the obvious queue times, involves the need to play the role much more like Classic days without the other DPS/Tank doing the same. I agree with those who point out that people who have come later to the game have had it easier, and have not had to learn "patience, discipline." It really ISN'T _all_ about the DPS meters. OTOH, there's no room for slacking, because the healer really can't save everyone forever. If the bad things don't go down reasonably quickly, the rest of us will. Life has changed for the other roles too, but they have been incredibly slow to step up.

Early on, no matter how many recaps you've read, there will be mistakes made on all sides, simply because doing is a more difficult thing than reading. And "early on" is longer for some players than for others, depending upon their other responsibilities, and a lot of people have had significant family responsibilities due to the drop being so close to the holidays. Leet players who took a week off of work to level to 85 in the first couple of days need to remember this. Like it or not, we're all gearing and experiencing at different paces.

Since we're ALL in this same boat, you'd expect a bit more understanding and kindness as the others in your group learn their roles.


This is where the major suckage as heals comes in. It's bad enough there's little room for error even in regular modes. It's the intolerance of players in PUGs who are so damn quick to say "fail pug" and hurl abuse that makes it SO not worth my time to queue as a healer. I hate being DPS in those groups as well. This is a GAME; it's supposed to be FUN. Our attitudes are an important part of it.

None of this is to say that there aren't terrible players out there, or that we should accommodate horrible endlessly. It's rare, but I've voted-to-kick, and even initiated. I am saying that in this Brave New post-apocolyptic World, we need to be more observant with our own play,and more accommodating of others'. Instead, I see the exact opposite, over and over again.

And back for a moment to my "even regulars" comment above, Something Must Be Done to make healing occasionally fun again. I don't mind a challenge, but I do mind being unable to make any "misstep" in my own play so that I can keep folks alive who are committing their own missteps while they are learning the new instances and new spell mechanics. Regular mode needs to be a little more forgiving. Let Heroics be what they're supposed to be.

I'll run mostly with friends until things change. Sorry.
I'm just waiting for healing to be less spammy like promised.
Well, once I got better gear, a bunch more spirit and an 80k+ mana pool, I found things much easier. I can even carry bads now!

I don't run with my guild or raid, and only use the LFD tool. I'm liking where things are now, but ugh, getting there was horrible.
12/13/2010 9:47 AMPosted by Gutss
I'm shammy helz and I oom on mobs more that bosses. The mp cost per spell is crazy.

Check your spec. Get rid of totem range and pick up telluric currents and ancestral swiftness. Also, our mastery is not great, reforge for something else.
01/03/2011 6:16 AMPosted by Hawtty
I'm just waiting for healing to be less spammy like promised.

I do find this funny. Healing is even MORE spammy now because damage is increased while healing value hasn't. As a Shaman, I almost constanly spam Healing Wave and Tidal Waves is never off cooldown. All they've done is change Chain Heal spam (+ Tidal Waves) to a new variety, with the knowledge that if you have to heal AOE damage you're going to quickly run OOM.

Honestly, GC's just a theorycrafter with a leadership role. He and his team have changed WOW's healing dynamic not a whit while making it much more frustrating. I just wish they could stop being dishonest and recognize how little has actually changed here.
81 pages of debating where healing stands. That tells you something is clearly not right with it. Blizzard will probably buff healing a lil bit. If I was a new player I would never heal at 85. There is NO GUIDE ON WHAT IS THE RIGHT WAY. This is what is wrong with wow at the moment.

No, THIS is what is wrong with WoW at the moment. Too many lazy players who just want to be told how to do it "right". They want the pictographic walkthrough that explains how to do everything just right. You've had 5 levels to learn how to heal in Cataclysm, did you learn nothing during the leveling process?

Oh, right, you leveled as Shadow or Ret or Enh or Elemental or whatever spec your class has that isn't a healing spec or a tank spec.

Try leveling in your healing spec, you might learn something. My primary alt is a Resto Shaman, leveled from 1-70 as resto, leveled from 70 to 80 as resto and now being leveled from 80 to 85 as resto primarily through instances.

Look at your healing spells and get a sense of the mana vs healing ratio. Which are your most cost effective spells to cast? Do you have a ground effect AoE heal? If so, when/where should you cast it? What are your mana regen capabilities, are there talents you can spec into that give you mana back or allow you to cast free heals?

LEARN to play your toon, don't just sit there waiting for somebody to write a guide for you.

It's definitely challenging to heal in Cataclysm and that's by design. We want players to pick and choose what spells to use and when. Those in your group will also need to be conscious of whether or not they're putting out enough DPS, taking too much damage, and more. You'll probably be pulling out more "tricks" from your bag than you've been doing in awhile. You're also going to miss a time or two, run out of mana at a bad time and find yourself trying to figure out just what went wrong. Even experienced healers are going to have to dig their heels in a bit.

That said, we're keeping an eye out for how healing is going and should we feel there need to be adjustments, we'll make them. As many have noticed, we're starting to get a larger population of level 85 players who will be running through the content and getting better gear to compliment their spells and abilities. That should help some.

It's not so much that it's hard.. It's just still a boring spam fest, I was kinda looking for to making a decision on what to cast when, the design intent didn't make it to the game. And I think our big slow, expensive heal should heal for much more than my quick expensive heal...
Heroics should only be 'hard' to heal if you get stuck with 3 DPS warriors/DKs.

Other than that, they're pretty simple. Most of the achievements aren't even that bad.
What I've found is that easier healing is very gear dependent. I can heal stupid in normals now because my gear level is appropriate for heroics and approaching raid ready. I can heal through heroics unless someone does something they shouldn't (including myself). So, if you're still gearing up your healer, take heart that it does get easier.
If the challenge has increased ultimately it is falling on the heads of the healer to make up the difference at the end of the day.

If the tank is poor or makes mistakes ---> the healer must compensate.
If the dps is poor or makes mistakes --> the healer must compensate.

The net result is that healers are getting triple the increase in some fights. Personally I love the increase in difficulty, but I"m a sadist, that's why I'm a healer to begin with.

I do note a HUGE decrease in the number of healers running around as more and more people at lvl 85 are switching specs, or switching mains. Something is obviously missing.
12/13/2010 9:42 AMPosted by Spitz
More easy for a healer when there are one or 2 ppl dead to keep mana up.

If dps are pulling threat, let them die. Maybe they will lrn2assist.
I think healers and tanks have suffered the most from this expansion only because their mistakes or lack of skill is more obvious.

My gf and I have retired our healers for now simply because of the retardedness going on with players.

I do not blame the players for the current trends. I blame Blizz. Blizz made LK so easy to AoE tank and spam heal and now they've done a complete about face.

Tanks EXPECT healers to keep them up through a boss fight even though they join a 85 dungeon party with a gs of 2k.

A party EXPECTS to stay up when there's no CC, 3/4 of the members are LoS or out of range, refuse to use tools that they have or are provided to them to heal...Lightwell anyone? OR we lose a boss fight because one of the DPS is riding around on a camel.

It's not the tanking or healing that is a problem now, its the retards that don't know the mechanics of the game or their job class or have common sense. And whats sad is that the worst offenders are not going to read these forums.

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