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I'm finding healing a bit too "spammy" for lack of a better term. I feel like I'm playing my priest now like paladins used to be: non-stop spam of the small mana efficient heal stopping only to apply big ones in case of emergencies. As a healer I've always felt that I had a harder time paying attention to punishing boss mechanics because I'm not looking at the fight, I'm starting at health bars.

I've always favored the D&D way of healing (ex: Neverwinter Nights). A few big spells that you crank out at the right time to save the day and the rest of the time the healer can be doing something else. My cleric would be doing a lot of actions and fighting on his own to, as well as the healing. In WoW, if you are a healer you are a healer full-time.
Lol. As a tank I might add that some of us just like stacking stamina. I'm in the middle. I have entough HPs to handle big numbers, but im stacking mastery too (as mastery is the bst stat to absorb damage without taking too much healers mana).
So, it is just healing, is the way tanks used to tank back to WOTLK(just stacking stamina and letting healers spam fast heals).

01/03/2011 6:50 AMPosted by Serendepth
If the challenge has increased ultimately it is falling on the heads of the healer to make up the difference at the end of the day.

If the tank is poor or makes mistakes ---> the healer must compensate.
If the dps is poor or makes mistakes --> the healer must compensate.

This, very true. Even two months into this expansion I still run into tanks that are stam stacking, aoe pulling 5 trash mobs, chain pulling trash mob to trash mob and telling me to l2heal when they finally die because I have nothing left.

There are still DPS who think CC is optional, there are still DPS who wait for that cast to finish before running out of fire/whirlwind/poison/etc.

There are still people like this out there, we healers see them much more than you non healers do. We have to compensate for their game play style. You can make any macro you want that says /yell OOM need to drink, don't pull. Some players just ignore that and keep going.

Healers feel the burden of bad players more than any other class. Its very easy to say oh just vote kick such and such (but what if its more than one? what if it doesn't pass? what if you're the one removed from the group?) its easy to say oh just leave. How about no? Why should I leave?

DPS and Tanks need to receive some indication that they're doing it wrong when they are doing it wrong. (Deadly Boss Mods will tell you, but it seems like no one runs that addon anymore).

Its far too easy to blame the healer for all the fail in the world. I've seen it many times in level 85 Heroics (the worst groups are those with 3 or more guild members in my experiences) Pug groups running through the instance as if it were Wotlk and the poor healer has to keep up or get kicked out.

/casting Heal ...wait for it... wait for it... ohsi
/flash heal
/flash heal
/tank dead
Tank: gg Priest wtf am I dead?
Healer: You stood in bad !#%@ for too long, used no defensive cd's and the boss used your head as a mallet.
/you have been removed from group.
Rejuv and regrowth hardly ever see action now due to the extreme mana costs.

If you factor in the swiftmend every 15 seconds, the rej mana cost goes down significantly. If you aren't using rejuv, you aren't doing it right. Regrowth is a spell you should throw in the trash can, though. It's only useful in very rare circumstances. Tree of life would actually be useful, if it cut down on the mana cost for rej and/or cut down the CD on swiftmend instead of making Regrowth instant cast.

Is tree of life even useful anywhere besides the last fight in throne of tides?

Rejuv, esp in raids, should still be your #1 healing spell overall. Probably followed by WG and maybe swiftmend and then followed by green diarrhea.

Keeping lifebloom on someone, even if you aren't tank healing is a big part of your mana regen process.
I am dual spec tanks and heals, so I have an insight into healing. Haven't healed a cata instance yet because I am always pulled in as a tank. If you are a tank, set focus to the healer. OOM = no heals = wipe. Healbot works for tanking too. I can see who pulled aggro and fix it quickly. I know that the DPS causes alot of the problems. Had a situation where the dps would stand in the AoE. We didn't wipe luckily but it was just the heals and me to finish the boss. I have voted to kick once and it wasn't the healer. We had a hunter that would not use CC or move. Healing is harder and the instances are harder so healers are feeling it twice as hard due to that. For those that are still doing it, my hat is off to you. I have seen several DPS/Heals endure long query times to avoid having to heal. I have noticed that in almost all wipes I have had, I am second in DPS as a tank. So on my experience, the DPS was the largest cause of wipes. I don't doubt that there are bad tanks and healers out there (can't judge others tanking if I am actually tanking). Too many times I have dps jump ship and finish 4th on dps and no wipes after the change.
I dont go OOM on raid trash or even bosses. This is the worst QQ post ever.

So far even with an 80k mana pool it only takes one mob to drain it completely, and this isn't just myself. So far every healer on the realm with the exception of shamans are having problems maintaining their mana pools even with pro groups that do everything right. I think that the raid mechanics are fun and all, but I think they should just go ahead and put those mechanics back in raids, OR fix the dungeon finder tool to provide at least two viable CC'ers since it's required in these new dungeons on their heroic modes.

I know it didn't matter what kind of group you had in WoTLK so the dungeon tool could be non-discriminate and pick up whatever classes were available..., but with the requirements of cataclysm heroic dungeons, if the groups are not tailored to what is needed the pugs will always be fail no matter how good the individual players are in them.

I have a priest and it took some adjustment to get over the spells that eat mana and get use to healing for Cata. Look at the class forums and the healing threads for ideas others have posted.. I know the pallies I have ran with do fine and usually have the mana pool to outlast most healers.

If you are trying to keep everyone at full health that will eat your mana fast... Remember you are to survive the encounter, not survive with the group at all full health all the time.
Healing is definitely a challenge now in Cata. Sometimes it's not fair. I've done runs where every pull I'm doing 15k hps to keep it together. Once you're geared its not too bad, i got no problem healing on my pally with pvp gear. I'm gearing my priest now, and it's a little stressful. There are too many DPS that don't care or don't know about pulling threat with aoe, breaking cc, standing in fire; too many tanks that don't use cooldowns, have their back to some mobs, refuse to use cc because they are BADASS, etc. The best part is, if you try to say something about it, most people get offended and you risk getting booted. Needless to say, this is NOT fun.
It's definitely challenging to heal in Cataclysm and that's by design. We want players to pick and choose what spells to use and when. Those in your group will also need to be conscious of whether or not they're putting out enough DPS, taking too much damage, and more. You'll probably be pulling out more "tricks" from your bag than you've been doing in awhile. You're also going to miss a time or two, run out of mana at a bad time and find yourself trying to figure out just what went wrong. Even experienced healers are going to have to dig their heels in a bit.

That said, we're keeping an eye out for how healing is going and should we feel there need to be adjustments, we'll make them. As many have noticed, we're starting to get a larger population of level 85 players who will be running through the content and getting better gear to compliment their spells and abilities. That should help some.

You seem to be off by a little bit though.

You want us to pick and choose our healing spells, but if you want that you should really think about making our 'heavy' spells heal for more, the current ratio doesn't allow for us to use these spells.

Like she said, and that's by design. In other words, they gave you 10 spells to mash that almost does the same thing the last expansion did. Not worth it if you ask me.

In PvP, it's a joke trying to get off the larger spells. And the worst part is, the gear has no haste. Who designed this stuff? LOL

Healing heroics now involves the ENTIRE group not just the healer so I think tanks/dps have just as much right to discuss it as you. Just because you don't want to heal in the new format and actually work with your group doesn't negate all the advice that has been given to you to which you have responded with "STFU" incessantly. You are just the typical whiny entitled healer that most people prefer to avoid in pugs.

You clearly have no clue what you are talking about regarding healing. Let me explain it in tiny simple words.

Tanks and dps avoiding damage is not healing, nor does it in any way give you any insight whatsoever into how to play the role of healer.

Right now healers are not given the tools to do THEIR job unless other players in the group avoid damage which is not something the healer has ANY control over.

I assume you play tank or dps and let me put it to you this way. How would you like it if in order to manage threat or deal damage, your threat/dps output was entirely dependent on whether or not the healer in your group didn't step in "insert stupid mechanic here".

That's where healers are - they just want the tools to do their job. That is hardly whining and I'd love to see what you'd have to say if your DPS took a 50% hit because a healer stepped in fire totally outside your control.

It's not just a flat out bad model for healing it's utterly beyond insanely stupid for one simple reason. No healers, no game.

You're complaining is ticking me off....
<---- healer says L2PLAY
<----- so does this healer
<----- and this one

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