Flame my pvp healing spec


Have at it. Don't hold back; if I made a dumb choice, then tell me and punch my pretty BE face.

Remember this is pvp-focused.

If there is one thing I'm torn about, it's whether I should have taken improved HoJ instead of crusade. I guess I just use holy shock a lot in PvP and like to use it, but it's going to suck when trying to keep people away from me.
I only really like BG PvP, so that's where my experience lies. take my opinion as you want. :x

blessed life is absolutely great in pvp. what's useless is tower of radiance imo. I go into PvP with my beacon on myself, so when I do take hits, I have protector of the innocent and my beacon keeping me up while i heal other hordies. once anyone recognizes you as a healer, you always get bombarded by hits in pvp. why wouldn't you have blessed life?

i almost want to say that blessed life and the ret talent pursuit of justice are the holy paladins PvP win. though, for your spec, i'd definitely advise spec'ing into maybe... improved hammer of justice if you have the hammer of justice glyph? my hammer is my best friend in pvp. :x
12/13/2010 10:56 AMPosted by Dancingmad
bad spec, ignore total moron who says not to take blessed life btw. You need enlightened judgements, denounce, and blazing light. theres no way around it, you need all of those. basically copy my spec because it's the same thing with those 3 talents, pretty much.

don't get imp HoJ and don't spec past the first tier of ret either, way too much sacrifice and far too many good talents in holy

finding tower of radiance useful in pvp? i see it having limited benefits in bgs, with some use in arena

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