Mana Issues- How to be better?

I have a level 85 Holy pally, 73K mana pool with kings and the usual numbers for spellpower and such, but I still have mana issues.

I don't know if its just with bad groups/tanks/DPS, but it seems that i go OOM alot in randoms because of Tanks taking so much damage. It only seems to be a trash thing unless its a boss with a craptop of AoE damage that Radiance can't take care of or that boss in Halls of Origination that puts people in that anti magic bubble (I EFFing hate that thing, I've wasted LoH with it up twice) So I don't know if its just the groups or me.

Usually I'm fine though If I run with guildies, so it might just be a pugging woe.

My priority list is Holy light when the tank isn't taking much damage, Holy shock comes first and gets fired on anyone who needs health if the tank is topped for the moment to charge holy power, Divine light for massive tank damage, and Word of glory gets hit first when tanks get massive damage. I keep Bacon of light up on the tank, and divine favor gets popped when I hit 20% mana. I stopped using flash of light personally because I found Holy light to work better as a light heal on tanks.
Are you Judging for mana?

Otherwise, the main thing that makes a huge difference in dungeons is for DPS to use their Crowd Control. Polymorph for mages, Ice Trap/Wyvern Sting for hunters, Banish/Fear (glyphed) for warlocks, Repentance for Ret pallies, Sap for rogues, Hex for shamans, Hibernate for druids, and Shackle Undead for priests.

It's also necessary for active mobs (un-CCed ones) to be pulled away from CCed mobs, or else it will break and you'll be back where you started.

Healers have it rough in Cata, and need the support of the rest of the group to continue to do their work. For far too long, we've propped up idiots, the poorly geared, the inexperienced, and all manner of poor play. With Cataclysm, we have been forcefully removed from that role.
Use Seal of Insight

    Judge every CD. Make a mouse-over macro

If you don't need the insta-heal use crusader strike (10% base mana) to generate a holy power instead of Holy Shock (18% base mana).
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If you don't need the insta-heal use crusader strike (10% base mana) to generate a holy power instead of Holy Shock (18% base mana).

Holy Shock is 8% base mana. Crusader Strike will WASTE your mana, not save it.
OP: What spec are you using? We may be able to tweak it to take advantage of a couple mechanics.
Like others said, judge every CD you can. Use holy shock, holy light, and your holy power as much as possible.

If I'm having serious mana problems it means I have a retarded dps or tank and am being forced to heal more than I should. In that situation, if it's something like a stupid dps standing in a void zone/fire breath or something, simply let them die if you don't think you can afford to keep him and the tank up at the same time.

EDIT: and never use CS for HP. It will just eat your mana. And don't forget popping wings helps holy too and your GoAK is double heals while up.
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Holy Shock is 8% base mana. Crusader Strike will WASTE your mana, not save it.

My mistake. My pally is running BRC at 80 and I was looking at an outdated link.
Hand of sacrifice = So love this ability on fights where tank is getting pounded.

Judgement = On every cooldown u can. Noticeable difference with mana.

Lay on Hands = With the Talent that returns mana, it can really help me get out of sticky situations and not have to dump mana in the process.

Using these three i have noticed a huge difference with my mana pool at the end of fights now. Trying to wean myself off flash of light but these days with healing so rought at times, being a gunslinger shooting heals from the hip is the route you have to take to keep folks alive.

link to her, She's got her healing gear on but still says she's in her prot spec for some reason. as foir empty gem slots, I'm waiting on my JC buddy to get the cuts I need learned and such, not to mention gems are rather pricy at the moment.

Also if there are any crafted upgrades I should get it would be appreciated.
You should definitely consider filling out Crusade. +30% healing to Holy Shock will be quite noticeable. I also like Sacred Cleansing, as some magic debuffs are far cheaper to dispel than to heal through.

Also, definitely pick up a Glyph of Seal of Insight, at the very least. In a way, it saves your mana by reducing the number of heals you need to cast.

As a tailor, you should always have an enchant on your cloak and pants, in this case Darkglow Embroidery and Sanctified Spellthread. They won't change the world, but they're certainly worth the price of a pair of Eternium Thread. In another five levels, you can upgrade the enchant on your pants for 55 spirit, which, again, every little bit helps.

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