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Hi all, i have a question regarding spell timers, and from below you will notice i am not a pro at addons in general.

I downloaded Fortexorsit:Warlock, and basically want to combine the functionality of the spell timer and the cooldown tracker (willing to try another addon if needed)

I want the sliding bar to show me when to refresh the following:

-Immolate (when it falls off target)
-CD on CB comes up
-CD on conflag comes up
-BoD (when it falls off target)
-ISF (when buff is falling off)
-CD on soul burn
-Shadowflame (when it falls off)
-Corruption (when it falls off)

I guess having a separate CD timer and spell timer just seems clunky, and it makes way more sense to combine the two, which will directly represent my 'priority system'.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
I highly recommend Powerauras.

It lets you create your own timers and how they look. You can track cds, dots, buffs, mana, health, or almost anything you want and put the timers where you want them to show.

You can create animations for the timers saying "hey dummy refresh me now" and sounds. An amazing addon. Here is a pic of my powerauras


If you like my set up my full powerauras export can be found here:


Well not full. I didnt have my improved soulfire aura back then but it can be made to track that too.

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