Tips for 85 Holy Paladins

I'd say the best spells for Holy Paladin this expansion (thus far) in order are:

1) Light of Dawn. Best. Spell. Ever.
Here is why: If you're smart and line yourself up with your group, it will heal everyone (including you). The Beacon will heal the tank for every person you heal. This (in my opinion) makes LoD better than WoG -almost- every single time.

2) Holy Light
Low mana cost, decent healing and a charge of HP when cast on beacon

3) Holy Shock
Instant-cast, charge of HP no matter what and it procs short cast for Holy Light and Divine Light.

Use these spells more than other spells.
Mana problem solved.
I haven't healed much yet, but the moment I learned about Light of Dawn I thought DIIIVVINNNEEE BUSTTTTEEERR and thought it'll be fun

But I need to get the gear. Do we have gear guides or compiled gear lists yet?
Holy Radiance, while situational, can be quite potent if you pop the right cooldowns.

A few heroic bosses have heavy aoe at the end. Save three holy power, burn Avenging Wrath and Divine favor along with whatever SP boosting abilities you have, hit Holy Radiance and follow it with a Light of dawn. Conviction will instantly stack up to full. Paired with Avenging Wrath, both spells are 30% stronger in addition to whatever sp you add. Your reduced cast time allows you to quickly ramp up another Light of Dawn and both spells will crit often.

You will quickly burn some mana doing this, but you'll burn less than you would if start pushing the (dreaded) Flash of Light button.
I've posted this elsewhere but i think it might be useful. This is basically how I've been healing in Cata. My goal is never to over heal. Since in cata we get gear with mastery larger heals mean larger bubbles. I find my self throwing divine lights on a beaconed tank with 100k to top off, gain a holy power and leave a nice 5k bubble. its much more mana efficient in the long run than spamming holy lights. I also glyphed for lay on hands and divinity. Basically half way through each boss fight i wait for tank and one dps to get somewhat low then i beacon low dps and loh tank which gives me 10% mana back and heals both tank and dps. I also leave a 30k bubble on tank for 6 sec. Some other things I do is use my racial. As soon as i see my self at 90% mana i arcane torrent, and around 80% mana i divine plea and pop wings (also have divine plea glyph). I also use hand of sacrifice (specc'd has a 1.5m cd) almost every mob and keep it on tank when he doesnt have a cooldown active. Also if im completely out of mana (which rarely happens) and we need some precious time to finish the boss off i bubble, and taunt off of tank which has worked really well for me. I'm playing my pally to the fullest and finding every little thing that can help me be more mana efficient while keeping everyone up.

One thing that bothers me is light of dawn. I honestly cant find a use for the spell. Most instances everyones so spread out i cant hit anyone with it. Even with 3 holy powers it is a weak heal. Save the glyph, talent point and holy power. Dont bother with light of dawn. It's a garbage spell. Something much more useful is holy radiance. If you spec into it you get a spead boost and haste boost which is much more useful. I usually pop it, sprint to tank and melee and heal them up or sprint out of danger. I don't have to look for them and worry if my spells going to hit like light of dawn. It just saddens me that my super awesome last spell in my talent tree is a complete waste of holy power and global cooldown. At least it looks cool.
Also holy light doesn't proc holy power on beaconed target anymore.
check the date on the posts
12/22/2010 7:14 AMPosted by Hotchkiss
One thing that bothers me is light of dawn. I honestly cant find a use for the spell.

You sound like a very good/intuitive healer, but you'd be even better if you learned how to use LoD. It's awesome for healing melee and the tank in one shot, or when everyone has to group up.
It breaks down to this: Holy power has 2 options for use. Single target(WoG) or multi target(LoD). I find myself only using WoG when the tanks taking lots of damage, or I really need a free heal.

12/22/2010 7:28 AMPosted by Malcolme
check the date on the posts

It's only a week old. Agreed though, most of this is outdated due to the Dec. 14th Pally Nerf.
On that note, a great substitute for gaining Holy Power has been specing into Blessed Life.
I dont use LoD a ton, but I do like it in certain situations. On the first boss of H Vortex Pinnacle, I like to save up 3hp for when the tornados came in, then pop wings/radiance, and then step back and cast LoD, as everyone should be grouped up, works like a charm for a period of heavy AoE damage
I do want to point out that the OP is correct: HP generation through ToR has a significant latency which allows you to chain DL and then WoG and end up with a 1/3HP bar. If you have Daybreak that's another 2 HSs + another WoG which is pretty much the most burst healing there is. I know that there is an "if" factor in there but it happens more often than you think.

Edit: Concerning LoD, I use it really rarely in 5 mans. It is often better than WoG in raids but when it's not hitting 6 people it's just not as potent and WoG. The only place I use it in heroics is the 1st boss in VP.
12/22/2010 8:02 AMPosted by Bionix
HP generation through ToR has a significant latency which allows you to chain DL and then WoG and end up with a 1/3HP bar.

Holy Power does not generate the moment you use an ability that would. This allows you to cast Divine Light while at 3 holy power, then cast LoD or WoG as soon as you finish DL and still recieve the holy power that DL would have given you. This was an intended mechanic.

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