Guardian of Ancient Kings(ret) bug?

The strength buff only seems to count your base strength. Meaning at 20 stacks(20%str) i only get 33 more str. Is this intended?
definitely unintended, other ret in my guild reported this as well
After writing a ticket earlier i receivied this letter in the mail. I guess GM was to lazy to talk to me in person .... (i was online)


Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department!
There were many changes and updates that were brought on with the release of 4.0.1 and what you have reported is one of those new features. Many things are changing to prepare for the coming events. To check out all the new cool features, you can check out the 4.0.1 patch notes available online from <http:// I Just send him an old as macro .com

Gm I.....

So intended. be happy with 38 Strength :P

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