prot or holy for pvp at 85

i would rather play prot, however i am not sure if it will be as viable as holy is for pvp...also i have a warrior and warlock friend so i was thinking about holy/arms/affliction for 3s but wasnt sure if i was better off going prot for bgs or something...

any input is appreciated! thank you1
thanks, that answers my question :)
12/08/2010 10:24 PMPosted by Juicenewton
prot is garb, ret is fine if you dont suck and holy is the best healer in the game
Prot garbage.... Hmmm...

Yeah, I'm not buying it, GTFO.
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It all depends on how you like to play, i pvp as prot/ret and i find them both good in different ways and lacking in others. its all about sacrificing for something to gain another.

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