Retribution talent spec and dps rotation

I have been out of warcraft for a while before cataclysm probably since the first guilds started downing arthas in WOTLK. Since then much has changed id imagine i am just now getting cata so i am wondering what is the appropriate spec tree for a ret paladin, and what is the rotation that we use now in order to maximize Damage
Unless you truly enjoy your paladin I'd suggest rerolling, even at the optimal rotation, spec and gear retribution at 85 is well... LOLRET...

I'm sorry if I may come across as rude but a lot of people have been asking for advice to a problem for which there is currently no solution. I'm sure someone else will come along offering help to somewhat remedy the issue though.
you might be best served just playing the class and seeing if you still enjoy it. the gross majority of people posting here are dissatisfied in some major way with the spec, and it has indeed gone through some major revisions since you last played it.

if you check out, they've at least got a decent handle of the combat system's attack priorities and glyph choices. actual stat weights are going to be in flux, especially when people go to raid, so it's not worth worrying too much about it right now. take a look there and you'll be fine.

ret doesn't play very much like it used to, to the point where a lot of long-time paladins i know have rolled other classes because of how extensive the changes were or how unsatisfied with the changes they are - while people who are just trying the class that i've spoken with are genuinely enjoying the class as a whole. i myself am enjoying ret even more now than i did during wrath, and wrath was perhaps the best time to be a ret paladin in the life of this game - but your experience may vary.

give it a shot and see if you like it, imo.
As the OP asks, what is the preferred choice in rotation now? I too have just come back from a long break and actually welcome the changes I have seen so far - just curious as to a good rotation sitting at lvl 80 with the new changes.

Talents: You're talents look fine. I've found that while levelling (or almost any other time) I don't really use Divine Storm. You could probably put that point into Repentance or 1 point into Acts of Sacrifice for the cleanse buff. Rebuke is also very nice. And when you get more points Seals of the Pure and Blazing Light.

Gear: Since you'll mostly be fighting mobs your level while levelling (maybe 1 or 2 above), you could probably use a little hit, and a little expertise, but it may be best to just focus on haste. But gem for strength if you gem.

Rotation: There really isn't much of a rotation, per se. More of a priority. My priority while levelling is probably a little different than the average person will tell you to do. Since I find Exorcism generally hits harder than my TV I'll usually Exo before using TV. So my priority is generally: HoW > Exo (Art of War) > TV (3 HP only or HoL proc) > CS > Judge.

Buffs: I generally run around with Retribution Aura, Seal of Insight, and Blessing of Might. Since most mobs already die fairly fast the other Seals don't seem to make it much quicker and Seal of Insight gives me more survivability (very rarely having to stop to heal or use my HP for WoG)

Despite what the QQers say, leveling Ret is fun and quick.
There is no rotation. As you probably know it used to be FCFS. Now it is HSTLU (hit !!%! that light up). I came up with that all by myself while making myself bacon this morning! :D

Babyfactory's priority seems to be pretty much on the money. Though I use SoR and pull 2 at a time.

Visit the link below, it will give you all the information you need!

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