Ret spec feedback.

I've been leveling a Ret pally to play for Cata, probably as more of an offspec thing because i'm going to either be the healer or the tank of my group. I've been following both these and the damage dealing forums and i would like to offer my feedback, not as an endgame dps, but from the point of view of an average player who likes to pvp and has been leveling.

Let's talk art of war and exorcism:
I love the art of war talent and seeing big exorcisms, and i've had it 1 shot clothies when i was at the higher end of a battleground denomination. Aside from the obvious BS of that, why is it Ret's hardest hitting ability for the majority of the game?

It's extremely unreliable, sometimes not proccing for long periods of time, and other times twice or even 3 times in a row.

Templar's verdict:
All along as i build up for Templar's verdict, i expect it to be hitting the hardest, but lately it's been hitting like a noodle and i expect it to get worse as i get to higher levels. How is this good design? It underwhelms the entire holy power system. This also makes Zealotry the undisputed worst 31 point talent currently in the game.

Never have i been less excited to spend a talent point in my life. I don't want to call it useless, but it's close to it. The biggest problem i can see with it is that there's already a chance to generate holy power on pretty much everything you could do in between crusader strikes, so it's only marginally useful for PVE.

Most of you already know it can be dispelled in PVP, so that's just kind of lol. I rarely use it and i've had it dispelled a few times by alert people. Fun.

Can't say much about this one because i obviously can't use it. Right away it sets off an alarm for me because the main and dependable attacks you would use in your rotation are not holy damage. Again, very boring and dry ability that i'm not looking forward to at all. Pretty much no application in Pvp.

Guardian of ancient kings:
Again, haven't used it, but not excited for it. I'm a fan of consistency and i really dislike long cooldowns. This ability is a damage boost, although from the looks of it a small one, for pve and i can't really complain. It falls short in Pvp, where it's buildup appears to make it useless.

You might have noticed i now have a scrappy holy and prot spec. This is because holy is ridiculous in Pvp and I'm near invincible and infinitely more useful. Prot is for dungeon runs. Overall Ret feels like a better enhance shaman. I used to raid as an enhance shaman and pvp was really bad, so at least Ret still has that over them.

I'm sure that all these problems will be improved soon. These must be just a few things that time did not allow to be perfected during the beta. Right guys?

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