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Guild Leveling, XP, Reputation(Representation), Achievements, Perks and Rewards

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how the new Guild systems work, so I thought I'd throw this together to provide some information.

Blizzard has made a blog post discussing some of the new Guild System aspects, you can find it here:

Guild Levels/XP

Guild XP is what you need to level up your guild. You can earn Guild XP a number of ways, provided you're not already at the daily Guild XP cap. It takes 16,580,000 (16.58 Million) XP to reach Guild Lvl 2. Reaching Guild lvl 25 will take a total of somewhere around 850 Million XP (wowpedia says 845,670k, but when I add up their numbers I end up with 855,690k).

The Daily Guild XP Cap is 6,240,000 XP (that's 6.24 Million XP) per day.

The cap is there to prevent Mega Guilds from reaching Guild Level 25 insanely fast. It also helps level the playing field somewhat between small, medium, and large guilds, though larger guilds may still end up leveling somewhat faster than small guilds as small guilds may not be able to hit the cap reliably.

It's also there to prevent people feeling or being compelled to play as close to 24/7 to reach max level as quickly as possible. For the purposes of this Guide, a Small Guild = 10-25 Accounts, Medium 25-50 Accounts, Large 50+ Accounts.

FAQ: Guild Levels

How long will it take to reach max level?
Patch 4.0.6 removed the GXP cap once level 23 is attained. This reduces the potential required time to guild level cap by a significant, yet variable, amount. A guild could level cap in as little as 18 weeks now.

What Perks and Rewards are unlocked at what Guild Levels?
See the WoWHead link at the bottom of this post.

Earning Guild XP

GXP can be earned via questing, running dungeons and raids in a guild group, pvp (in a guild group) and completing guild challenges.

Questing: 25% of Quest XP is earned as Guild XP.

Dungeoning (5 mans): A group can earn guild xp as follows:
3 Guild Members: 50% GXP (18.6k for heroic bosses)
4 Guild Members: 100% GXP (37.2k for hbs)
5 Guild Members: 125% GXP (46.5k for hbs)

Raids: 80% of raid comprised of guild members. (TBC and prior raids are all considered 10 man raids for guild group credit calculations.)

Winning Rated BGs with a Guild Group (amount dramatically increased in 4.1)
Winning Arena with a Guild Group (100% of team members in same guild)
Battleground Wins in Brackets up to Lvl 80.
Honor kills in the field.

These challenges are found on the info pane of the guild interface. Guild Challenge GXP is awarded separately from the GXP cap (and pushes the cap for the current day higher).
Complete 7 Guild Group Dungeon Runs
Kill 1 Level Appropriate Raid Boss
Win 3 Rated Battlegrounds

FAQ: Guild XP

How much GXP is earned per boss/dungeon?
The full list is posted in this thread, with all credit to the creator of the thread and contributing posters:

How much GXP does it take to reach each level?
See the WoWPedia link.

Why is there a cap?
The cap is a gating mechanic, just like you have a cap on the number of dailies you can do in a day, just like ICC was realized one wing at a time.

Why is the GXP cap so low? I feel like I can't contribute to my guild's progress because it gets maxed out in an hour or so every morning before I log on.
The amount of GXP required to level and the cap is low to allow smaller guilds the same amount of opportunity to level as larger guilds. This was likely a much easier and less technically difficult system to implement than one that would require more GXP for a guild to level based on the number of active members in the guild, or limiting contribution to only the guild's top 20 contributors. You can still contribute to your guild's progress by helping to work towards Guild Achievements (like fishing up 10000 fish, cooking 5000 cata recipes, etc).

What determines the daily cap of how much guild XP you can get? Does having more members increase the cap?
The cap is a static 6,240,000 (6.24 Million) XP per day. Having more members does not increase the cap, or the amount of XP required to level.

I believe I read somewhere that GXP gained by players while the daily GXP limit has been met is automatically applied to the next available day, is this correct?
No, GXP earned after the cap is lost, not saved.
When I fish and achieve 100 fish caught does this give any type of exp to the guild?
There aren't any indications that personal achievements reward Guild XP. But your fishing does contribute to your guild's 10,000 fish achievement, which unlocks the cataclysm fish feast recipe.

How many players are required for it to count as a Guild Group?
Old 40 mans: 10
Old 10 mans: 8 (aq20 is a 10 man now)
Old 25 mans: 8 (BC is old, LK is not)
Current 10 mans: 8
Current 25 mans: 20
All 5 mans: 3

Is there a cap on the amount of GXP an individual can contribute per day or week? I seem to be stuck at having contributed 1575002 xp to the guild for this week. That number doesn't go up.
I haven't read anything about any kind of individual contribution cap on guild xp. It's vaguely possible that one exists, but I haven't seen any evidence other than that armory page that one exists and I wouldn't trust the armory all that much right now. It still seems buggy to me. The average ilvl numbers tend to disagree with those I see in game, and there's reputation bars missing from the reputation lists at the very least.

Can low level guild members contribute to GXP? Or is there a certain level requirement or guild reputation requirement???
Any member of the guild can contribute, though if I understand it correctly it's percentage based. For instance completing a lower level quest that awards 10k XP will only award 2.5k GXP. Completing a lvl 85 quest that awards 100k XP should award 25k GXP.

When does the Daily GXP Cap Reset? What happens to the unused portion of the cap if we didn't hit it?
The cap appears to reset at 3am server time, same as your daily quest limit. Currently the unused portion of the cap appears to be lost if you don't reach it. At least this is the way one expects it to work...

Some people are reporting that their GXP Caps are Not resetting with the daily reset time. The common theme to these reports appears to be that the Guilds in question did not reach their caps for the previous day prior to the reset. If this is the case I expect it's a bug that will hopefully be fixed sooner than Soon.

It is worth noting that the interface does not appear to display the reset cap (after a fully capped day's reset) until some GXP for the new day is earned.

Guild Reputation(Representation)
"It's not your reputation with your guild, it's your reputation with the world as a representative of your guild."

Guild Rep appears as a reputation bar with your guild name on it. However, considering the way it functions in game, it's more Guild Representation rather than Reputation, that is, you Representing your Guild in the world of Azeroth. Guild Rep is required in order to purchase Guild Rewards and contribute to Passive Guild Achievements.

There is a Weekly Guild Rep Cap of 3500 points per character, which resets Tuesday at 3am. Because of the weekly cap, it will take 12 weeks to reach Exalted with your guild.

Rep is earned by contributing to your guild, or specifically by earning Guild XP (or performing actions that would earn you Guild XP if your Guild is already capped for the day). Turning in a quest, guild group boss kill, guild group pvp activities. 450 GXP = 1 GRep

FAQ: Guild Rep

If I transfer a toon between my two accounts, will my guild rep be saved if I rejoin the same guild?
No, as stated in their account transfer FAQ.
<a href=""></a>

How long will it take to reach Friendly/Honored/Revered/Exalted?
You should be able to reach Friendly during your first week. Honored in week 3, Revered by week 6, Exalted by week 12.

Why is Guild Rep Capped and why Weekly instead of Daily?
Guild Rep is capped so that it takes a long time to reach Exalted, contribute to Passive Achievements, or purchase unlocked Guild Rewards. It's also a disincentive to guild hopping. It is capped Weekly so that players aren't compelled to play every single day to max it out as quickly as possible.
I've been with my guild forever/I'm the Guild Master/I'm an officer why am I not exalted/revered/honored?
Everyone has to start somewhere and work their way up, even you.

Why can't I(the GM) set the reputation level of the members of my guild
Unlike the Guild Ranking system, which allows you to control what members in your guild have access to, the reputation system is a method to allow Blizzard to control what Passive Achievements your members contribute to and what rewards they have access to. It requires members to earn their access, rather than having it handed to them.

How is So and So already almost Honored with the Guild when I'm just barely friendly?
Just like Guild XP, players had a brief period immediately after release to earn reputation prior to their weekly cap being reset. This has little significance however since most/all of the Guild Rewards that require a reputation level won't be unlocked until well after all current active members already have that reputation level.

The officers/GM of my guild like to kick people of fun and then reinvite them. Won't that reset our Guild Reputation levels?
Not unless you join another guild in between getting kicked and being reinvited. Your Guild Reputation is "saved" after you've been kicked if you rejoin the same guild.

My guild rep cap isn't resetting every Tuesday like is should, what can I do?
There was a hotfix on the 27th that hopefully addressed this problem:
# Weekly guild reputation caps should now properly reset at the scheduled time. An error which prevented this reset from taking place if guild experience was earned at exactly 3:00 AM server time immediately prior to weekly maintenance has been corrected.

How else do I accumulate Guild Reputation other than questing?
The activities that earn you guild reputation are the same activities that earn you guild experience. Turning in Quests (regular or daily), Guild Group Boss Kills, and Guild Group pvp activities (may be rated battlegrounds only?)

It seems I reached guild Rep cap for the week very quickly on my Main. However I am noticing that I am gaining Rep very slowly on this toon. I am only being awarded about 15 rep per quest turn in. Did they reduce the amount in a recent hot-fix?
I believe they reduced the rate at which you earn guild reputation via quests at the same time they reduced the rate your earn guild experience via quests as I've noticed the same thing.

How much Guild Rep is earned from quests?
All credit to Pukka for posting these numbers, I've been wondering about them myself:
4 XP = 1 Guild XP

450 Guild XP = 1 Guild Rep.

3,500 Guild Reputation is the weekly cap, and it takes 1,800 XP to get 1 Guild Rep (450 x 4), thus 3,500 x 1,800 = 6,300,000 Quest XP per week to hit the cap.

Guild Achievements

What are they? Guild Achievements are just like individual Achievements, they are shiny stickers so that you and your guild can say We've been there, done that. These are your bragging rights. These are the trophies you hold up and yell "Look at us, we're Awesome!".

Completing some of them unlock some very cool stuff, just like regular achievements do. Any Rewards unlocked this way can be purchased from the Guild Rewards vendor, if you have the required reputation level.

They do not provide Guild XP anymore, and all GXP earned this way was retroactively removed.

There are two kinds of Guild Achievements, Active and Passive.

Active Achievements are Achievements you earn for doing stuff, like killing critters, crafting cataclysm recipes, and completing dungeons in a guild group.

Passive Achievements are Achievements you earn by having stuff: Legendary Items, Unique Exalted Reputations, etc. Passive achievements require a player to have a set amount of Guild Reputation before their stats count towards the achievement. This is prevent Guilds from "buying" the achievements by having players join them just long enough to get credit for an achievement.

FAQ: Guild Achievements

Why was GXP from Guild Achievements removed?
GXP from Guild Achievements was providing large guilds an unfair advantage in progress above small guilds. It allowed high end raiding guilds to obtain guild levels 3 or higher the first day, something Blizzard obviously did not want happening. So GXP from Guild Achievements was removed and all GXP earned that way including Guild Levels were reset to their maximum allowed by the Daily Cap limit.
Blue Post Here:

Will my 525 skill level earned as Friendly COUNT once my character reaches HONORED? Or does it not count at all?
Yes, your achievements will automatically count towards the Guild Achievement as soon as you have the required reputation for it to be counted.
Must I have 3 guild members to get Guild Achievement credit for completing a lower level instance?

Can I take 3 high level guild toons and stomp through all the vanilla instances to get the achievements, or if I have to be at that instance level?

Guild Perks

Guild Perks are nice little bonuses and boosts that your guild unlocks and you benefit from automatically as your guild levels up. They are active for all members regardless of GRep.

FAQ: Guild Perks

What are all the Guild Perks and when are they unlocked?
See the WoWHead link below.

Is Guild Rep required to benefit from Guild Perks?

Guild Rewards

Guild rewards are items, pets, mounts, recipes, heirlooms and other stuff that become available for purchase after your guild has completed the necessary Guild Achievement, however you must have the required amount of Guild Rep before you can purchase them.

FAQ: Guild Rewards

What are all the Guild Rewards, when are they unlocked, how much rep is required, and how much do they cost?
See the WoWHead link below.

Where are these rewards? The vendor is empty to me.
The rewards probably do not show up on the vendor until your guild has unlocked them through the associated achievement.

What happens to the rewards I've bought if I leave/get kicked from my guild?
You keep any rewards that you've already purchased, they will not be taken away from you.

Aren't smaller guilds at a disadvantage in the End Game because the Guild Achievements that unlock Guild Rewards are difficult/next to impossible for us to accomplish?

No, the Guild Rewards, while cool, consist only of items that have no direct effect on the end game. The only item that could arguably have any end game effect is the Seafood Magnifique Feast, and the requirement for that (fish up 10,000 fish), while tedious, is doable by a single person.

Player Concerns and Possible Suggested Solutions:

For a PvP centric Guild, it does not feel like there are many ways to earn GXP/GRep and what points are earned do not seem like they are earned at the same rate as other methods.

Suggestion: Create more PvP daily quests, award some amount of GXP/GRep for queuing to random battlegrounds in a group of 3 or more guild members.

GRep at lower levels is earned extremely slowly. To the point that it's impossible to even reach friendly prior to level 60 something.

Suggestion: Make GRep earned be a flat amount per quest, possibly based on the quest's level appropriateness. Grey - 0, Green - 12, Yellow - 25, Orange - 37, Red - 50

Guild Cauldrons being BoP forces the raid to bring an Alchemist in order to drop a Guild Cauldron, which can be difficult in a ten man raid.

Suggestion: Make Guild Cauldrons Bind to Guild, or make it a "spell" in the guild pane that requires the components (ie the Flasks and Venom) as reagents to cast. (Though doesn't require the caster to be an alchemist). Similar to summoning a mage table.

GXP and GRep is not earned at a high enough rate while in a guild raid.

Suggestion: Increase GXP/GRep earned from Boss Kills in guild raids (lvl 85 only), allow trash in raid zones to award some amount of GXP/GRep. Allow some amount of GXP/GRep to be earned during boss attempts (only if encounter lasts longer than a specific time limit, ie, can't just run in, wipe, run in, wipe, repeat for points).

Seafood Magnifique Feasts require too many fish for a ten man raid

Suggestion: Reduce the amount of fish required, or change the feast to act like a mage table where the raid members can pull out a number of servings (unique 5).

Final notes:

Few people like gating mechanics (IE Caps), but they are there for a reason. They prevent content from being burned through too quickly, rewards being obtained too early, guilds having a significant advantage over one another, and players from being compelled to play as much as possible.

If you're looking for your Guild EPeen meter, look towards your Guild Achievements, not your Guild Level.

Keep in mind that the Guild System is effectively version 1.0, and will be altered and refined by Blizzard as we progress through the expansion.


The below link goes to a post where Bashiok attempts to describe some of the reasons behind the design of the Guild Leveling system, thanks for the info Bashiok.

I am not Blizzard, a blue, or anyone associated with Blizzard. The content of this guide is based of information I've read, researched, experienced, and even some of my own personal conjecture.
bump because this covers a lot of questions, good stuff!
Added Sarconia's question from another thread to the FAQ section of Earning Guild XP

"1) What determines the daily cap of how much guild XP you can get? Does having more members increase the cap?"
Good stuff!
Is it possible to report this post for a "Sticky"?
Added Taishar's question:

"When I fish and achieve 100 fish caught does this give any type of exp to the guild?"
great info answer all my questions about the new guild system
good faq, should be stickied.
Added a Player Concerns and Suggestion section at the bottom of the guide, starting with a concern voiced by Demonize in another thread.

@Demonize: Please pardon me if I've misinterpreted the content or detail of your post and feel free to correct me. Trying to keep things as brief and organized as I can.

Added Holli's question to the guild rewards section.
Thank you for writing that.
I believe I read somewhere that GXP gained by players while the daily GXP limit has been met is automatically applied to the next available day, is this correct?
Good post, informative and covers issues nicely.

12/09/2010 12:58 PMPosted by Slowkills
I believe I read somewhere that GXP gained by players while the daily GXP limit has been met is automatically applied to the next available day, is this correct?

If it is correct, then I think guilds would be auto-capped immediately after a reset with the way everyone has been going at it, so I doubt that's the case.
12/09/2010 1:03 PMPosted by Sariax
12/09/2010 12:58 PMPosted by Slowkills
I believe I read somewhere that GXP gained by players while the daily GXP limit has been met is automatically applied to the next available day, is this correct?

If it is correct, then I think guilds would be auto-capped immediately after a reset with the way everyone has been going at it, so I doubt that's the case.

WOW...I can see that being a positive and a negative. A positive for guilds that have a lot of alts that need to be leveled and a negative for large guilds that might only have "mains" in their guild due to previous size limitations that are all leveling at the same time.
12/09/2010 1:07 PMPosted by Cowpies
...because what was originally intended and put out by Blizzard is far, far from what has happened.

There was no, none, zero discussion of the harsh caps placed on advancment

Certainly there are a number of differences between the current system, and the one announced at Blizzcon '09 (Guild Talents anyone?), but I'm not sure where Blizzard ever said they wouldn't have any method of limiting GXP accumulation.

I remember they had something about only the effort of top 20 contributors in your guild would count to try and limit large guild advantage, but I imagine they didn't like that since it still favored 25 man guilds over 10 man guilds (and makes the contributions of anyone in a large guild not in that top 20 completely worthless).

Did any beta players out there experience the caps during the beta after the multiplier was removed and not provide feedback on them? Unfortunately all the old forums are gone by now and it's difficult to find any recent blue posts on the subject.

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