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Awesome FAQ/Guide!!!! Thanks heaps as it saves me trolling through sooooo much other info available. I posted this link in our Guild FB Group page so all our members can benifit
I just wanna say quickly that as a brand new GM, with a brand new guild of about 5 unique members, hitting the cap hasn't happened yet lol. So I do understand why it was puti n place, yet a sliding scale for players that can only get on certain days/rollover GXP sounds like a really brilliant idea honestly.

I just want to make sure that the few amount of players not part of the Hardcore Raid/PvP Teams in my guild can still contribute w/o spending their hard earned money. There are other things I'd like to see with the new guild system but I'll get into that somewhere else.

Although, for guilds who have multiple Raid or PvP teams constantly working on things, rollover GXP still makes sense to me because they did they work, so the XP should be guaranteed to be attributed to their guild but just on a daily basis, that way they don't feel cheated out of the day when no one can get on, but still are paced so they don't become Uber Awesome just because they can play 24/7. And I'm one of those 24/7 players lol.

PS Yes we are a n00b guild atm lol. But it was made early on to build up so we have Arena Teams come the 14th etc. I'm curious to see how the GXP cap plays out later on, and what kind of ideas can be implemented to make more people content with it.
I have a quick question are alts i.e. low level chars able to help contribute to guild exp... Or is there a certain level requirement or time in guild requirement???
Okay, I've got a question here:
Myself and 2 Guildies just ran UK (non-heroic) on some of our lower toons.
I was dual boxing (albeit poorly) and our mix was thus:
70 Priest, 71 Warlock, 72 Pally, 73 Hunter
We did indeed have the guild flag up by the mini-map, but we did not have 5 people.
We also had the DF debuff up for the first ~25 minutes of the run since we had Q'd in the DF, but then decided we didn't want to put someone through the pain of noobs running a dungeon.

We did not get any guild rep(or XP) at all during the run except for post dungeon when we turned in the quests. Our hunter had already done the quests. We succeeded with all 3 boss encounters and only died a few times on other mobs due to noobosity.

Because of the debuff, we entered the dungeon the normal way including a meeting stone summon of two of the players.

Does anyone know why we didn't get guild rep/XP for the boss kills?

I saw in another place that only raid bosses grant guild XP, but that's not what it indicates here. Does it need to be heroic? No one was wearing a guild tabard. Do we need to wear one?
Very nice! Ty for the info.
First time poster. Have a question in regards to guild rep. I hit 85 on my main in my guild and I am now working on an alt. It seems I reached guild Rep cap for the week very quickly on my Main. However I am noticing that I am gaining Rep very slowly on this toon. I am only being awarded about 15 rep per quest turn in. Did they reduce the amount in a recent hot-fix. Can anybody confirm if this is correct?

Question I have is, if I wanted to get the guild achievement for, say The Stockades, would it give us credit for having four level 80's (or 85's)?

Or to get the achievement would the group have to be at the instance level?

Basically I wanna know if I can take four high level guild toons and stomp through all the vanilla instances to get the achievements, or if I have to be at that instance level?
There seems to be no defined 'max' on getting guild rep. I am stuck at 500/6000 while others are honored and still gaining rep. I find this highly unfair as to they can buy guild items where as i cant, even thou I have put as much effert into leveling as they have. i see alot of ppl asking for BLUE answers. Its been almost a week now, where are the BLUES? I, for one, rate this expansion as the most dissappointing one ever for BLizz, for many reason, i wont post here. What I can figure out,IF, adn thats a huge IF, theres is a 3500 per week max and it resets tuesday morning, then those that started at midnight, may have gotten 3500 before the first reset, thatn anotehr 3500 after that. That should put them at 4500/6000. Thats just friendly, 1501 shy of honored. So, whats the deal, blizzard? give us some answers and make it fair for all.
I have quick question, I joined one guild and was earning between 12-18 rep per turn in. I /gquit because i wasn't loving the guild dynamic. I then joined a new guild that same day. Since joining the new guild i am earning between 1-8 rep per turn in. My question is why? Is it because the new guild is lvl 2 as opposed to the first guild being lvl 1? I avg 6 per turn in at that rate it will take 500 quests just to be friendly.

thankss for any info
When does the guild xp daily cap reset?

What happens if you don't meet the daily xp cap?
12/09/2010 9:18 AMPosted by Sariax
This is the method Blizzard went with to prevent large/active guilds from having a significant advantage over smaller/more casual guilds when it comes to raiding and obtaining Guild Perks/Rewards

I disagree, large, and hardcore guilds have a huge advantage over smaller more casual guilds. The large guilds have to do alot less work per person due to how much is being done, small guilds that dont have 10+ people working most of the day will not hit the cap each day. When the 10-15 people that do play, get their mains/alts to 85, they will no longer quest. That ends guild exp. I know this, most of my guild has hit 85, and we barly hit guild exp cap. Its draining and at days end, I personaly dont want to log on tomarrow and start that again.

So, in no way do I agree with what you say about large guilds not haveing a significant advantage, they do, they have alot less work they need to do to level. Small guilds are doomed with how this is.
12/10/2010 1:56 PMPosted by Khartouche
12/10/2010 1:14 PMPosted by Elarriae
I seem to be stuck at having contributed 1575002 xp to the guild for this week. That number doesn't go up.. is there a cap on how much an individual contribute per week? (If so, that really messes up small guilds)

This. I've looked all over and this is the one thing I cannot find an answer too. I understand that we can cap out guild rep each week, but guild xp too? And I assume that is tied to the individual toon, so in essence I could log into another toon in the same guild and continue to earn guild rep.

I'm the GM for a smaller guild and this definitely limits are ability to level up. Once all my 80's are capped for the week, we are reduced to having to change over to low level alts to continue to (try and) hit the cap.

Bumping this question, as it applies to my guild. We have several "earners" who like to do content. We number about 12-15 active players, 7 of which have hit this cap. If this is a cap for the week, which it seems to be as I don't seem to be contributing to total xp (the blue bar at the top) it really really screws us, as a guild.
Somewhat smallish guild, several people who like to quest, like me, whose progress is not counted after a short while. (post 80 anyway) Meaning these earners, like me, will have done all the quests that they have wanted to do, like I have, and will contribute nothing next week, as we have already completed those quests.

I saw some rumors on the roll-over xp, them being squashed for total guild xp, but, i would be slightly less ticked if our individual earned xp rolls over to next week, letting me know i didnt earn 8.5 million over cap for nothing. some kind of in-game warning would have been nice.

Broils down to the questions:

Am I not contributing because I am 85, or because of this cap? Or was it just some unseen lag that didn't register the xp I earned? Will the other 8.5 million be awarded next week, thereby not making my efforts useless?

Right now, I am telling my guildies not to feel that the guild -needs- them to hit quests, as it is counter productive, putting in work that won't count. We can't hit the daily total cap (again, the blue bar) because the more driven people cannot contribute after wednesday. If that xp is just plain wasted and lost, as far as guild xp is concerned, I cannot see us making it past level 5.
Great FAQ!

Anyone know why the first couple days I was getting 100% of normal xp from quest as guild xp, but now I am only getting 25% of a quests xp as guild xp?
12/12/2010 11:04 PMPosted by Gelrik
Great FAQ!

Anyone know why the first couple days I was getting 100% of normal xp from quest as guild xp, but now I am only getting 25% of a quests xp as guild xp?

Stealth nerf to guild XP contributed.
I think the setup is pretty good. We seem to hit the cap without any real problems, and we got one of ever class lvl'n atm. We hit a bug in the game from time to time running in 5 man groups, but when WoTLK came out it had alot of things to work out also. They were taken care of pretty fast and I'm sure they will be taken care of again.. Thankz for the post
I do have a question regarding kick/rejoin and how it affects guild reputation. In the following situation:

Leave a guild.

Join another guild.

Leave that guild.

Rejoin original guild.

Do you still retain the standing you had in the original guild?

Reason I ask: Say you were unfairly booted from one guild and joined a friends' guild, and then the GM asks you to come back, and you decide to rejoin that guild. Do you still retain the reputation or do you have to start from scratch?

I know that once you leave one guild, you will retain the reputation with that guild until you join another one, and then it says "Guild Reputation lowered by ####." Once you rejoin the original guild, does your guild reputation raise back up again?
The answer to my previous question ^^^ is no. You lose your reputation as soon as you join another guild. Always resets to 0 unless you rejoin the one you left.

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