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What is Guild Activity? It shows up as a weekly item (and than there's total). I notice that quite a few people in my guild have hit a cap for the weekly version of guild activity. Does this prevent them from giving the guild XP for the rest of the week? How does this work?
Im just wondering - whats the amount of guild rep you earn per quest? During release, I was earning the normal amout ~250rep per quest turn in in Vashjir.

Today after the reset of my cap, im only getting ~25 per quest turn in in Deepholme.

Is this intentional? :(
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This. I've looked all over and this is the one thing I cannot find an answer too. I understand that we can cap out guild rep each week, but guild xp too? And I assume that is tied to the individual toon, so in essence I could log into another toon in the same guild and continue to earn guild rep.

I'm the GM for a smaller guild and this definitely limits are ability to level up. Once all my 80's are capped for the week, we are reduced to having to change over to low level alts to continue to (try and) hit the cap.</blockquote>

Bumping this question, as it applies to my guild. We have several "earners" who like to do content. We number about 12-15 active players, 7 of which have hit this cap. If this is a cap for the week, which it seems to be as I don't seem to be contributing to total xp (the blue bar at the top) it really really screws us, as a guild.

Somewhat smallish guild, several people who like to quest, like me, whose progress is not counted after a short while. (post 80 anyway) Meaning these earners, like me, will have done all the quests that they have wanted to do, like I have, and will contribute nothing next week, as we have already completed those quests.

I saw some rumors on the roll-over xp, them being squashed for total guild xp, but, i would be slightly less ticked if our individual earned xp rolls over to next week, letting me know i didnt earn 8.5 million over cap for nothing. some kind of in-game warning would have been nice.

Broils down to the questions:

Am I not contributing because I am 85, or because of this cap? Or was it just some unseen lag that didn't register the xp I earned? Will the other 8.5 million be awarded next week, thereby not making my efforts useless?

Right now, I am telling my guildies not to feel that the guild -needs- them to hit quests, as it is counter productive, putting in work that won't count. We can't hit the daily total cap (again, the blue bar) because the more driven people cannot contribute after wednesday. If that xp is just plain wasted and lost, as far as guild xp is concerned, I cannot see us making it past level 5.


Still no clear answer to this huh? I've looked at all the usual reliable resources, and nobody seems to know exactly how this portion works. I would imagine the worst, and that there is no "spillage" of XP. But why keep the "ALL TIME" xp contribution to the guild if only about 10% will actually go toward guild xp? I've got toons in my guild with well over 10 million, who have capped at 1.5 million mark. If this spills over into the next week, then they would potentially cap for the week the very first day for several weeks. Seems to be some inconsistency here and I wish we could get a little clarification.
Here's an apparent issue ...

I was stuck at 1600/friendly yesterday (post weekly-cap reset) and nothing I did would give me any guild reputation. Now I'm at 4100/friendly, which is obviously the addition of the 3500 weekly cap. The only difference between yesterday and today that I can think of is that when I played today we had not hit our daily guild experience cap.

I play another character in another guild. I leveled that character to 83 on launch night (but after the 3am reset), so my guild reputation quickly hit and capped out at 500/friendly. I finished leveling that character to 85 yesterday, post weekly reset, but later in the evening after the daily guild experience cap had already been hit and the guild reputation on this character remains at 500/friendly.

The guild rep tool-tip says, "Guild reputation is gained automatically when you earn guild experience." This apparently means that once the guild is experience capped for the day and you cannot earn guild experience, you can not earn guild reputation, either. In a guild with active people, the daily cap will be reached quickly every day and any players who didn't play early enough won't see any guild rep increase for the week. I doubt this was done intentionally, but I have to say I'm strongly opposed to the kind of competition this would necessarily create between guild members.

I don't understand why guild experience and guild reputation are linked when they operate off of separate caps. Since the converse of this has already been raised (i.e., being unable to level the guild after hitting your personal weekly reputation cap), it seems to me that this is just doubly punitive and I hope it was just an oversight in implementation.
How is the "Guild Activity" statistic determined?
@ Adhemar: good observation. didn't know about that. if this is true, i hope Blizz looks into it.
doesn't make sense for rep gains to be capped to the guild exp counted to daily limit.

and as many have already said, this is an AWESOME post. Blizz please sticky this thread. This cleared up alot of question marks I've had when guild experience and reputation first started. Thanks!
I'm trying to get some help but I can't find info anywhere!

I'm 85 and I've been active since Dec 7t. But I'm still stuck at 2000 guild reputation. I'm doing all sorts of quests (regular, daily, holiday) and nothing. I have done dungeons and heroic dungeons in groups with 5 member from the same guild, no rep gained. I have PvPed with people in my guild, no rep gained either.

I have put in a ticket a while ago and still no reply... How can I get some guild rep if I'm capped on a number BELOW the 3500 guild cap and still not gaining any rep?! A lot of people in my guild is at honored already while others got the same "stuck" issue.
Why is Guild X already Level Y
Blizzard answered this in a blue post just recently. Because of the timing of the release 3 hours were still considered "Monday" Night, and individuals were able to earn GXP during those three hours giving them a 1 day head start. Since the guild leveling process is gated to take a long time, this 1 day head start has very little significance.

My guild is a relatively active large guild and after cap today we are sitting at 13986 K / 21550 K into level 4. We had 50+ Members on at release questing and doing dungeons. I have a hard time thinking we weren't capped, but even if we weren't the HIGHEST we could be would be 1 more days worth at 20232 K / 21550 K into level 4.

Can you explain to me how the guild below has managed to obtain level 5 already

EVERY guild that I have look up on the Armory is level 4 other than them.
bump Anyone?
Great help. Exactly what i was searching for. Tyvm for taking the time to post this! :D
Very helpful. Thank you.
Question I have is, if I wanted to get the guild achievement for, say The Stockades, would it give us credit for having four level 80's (or 85's)?

Or to get the achievement would the group have to be at the instance level?

Basically I wanna know if I can take four high level guild toons and stomp through all the vanilla instances to get the achievements, or if I have to be at that instance level?

Somehow only one of our guildies (an on-level) was in UBRS

Four 80+ toons were in BRC

She finished her random group while we were waiting (EDIT) ON the non-guild player to return from the bathroom.

{Guild achieve for UBRS}

this seems a bit...buggy but yeah
I had a ticket put in about this and the person who answered it led me here and it is a very good FAQ/guide but it didn't really solve my issue. I maxed out my guild rep basically on day one 3810/6000 friendly and since then it hasn't moved. Other people in my guild are already honored and I don't get why they are and I am not seeing as I have been playing a lot (maybe too much) of cataclysm. If anyone could answer that it would be nice.
I was referred to this thread because my guild rep cap isn't resetting every week. I'm not seeing any information on this. How does this issue get fixed?

good bit of info
That post does nothing for you, though this one is your issue. Gm's are being completely useless on this subject and no one seems to even address it int he least.

I really enjoy putting in the time and not being able to reap the benefits.

My favorite part was them telling me it was fixed, closing my ticket without talking to me, and it wasn't.
Ok I'm not sure if anyone ealse is having this problem but after doing all regular cat quest the only way iv been getting any more guild rep points is by doing dailies is there something ealse that i might be missing since they changed the rep grind because if not ill never see exalted with the guild till june or july if im looking because you can only do 24 dailies a day. If anyone knows something ealse please do tell iv looked all over since the change and I cant find anything on it.
Thanks so much for this guide. Would you mind clearing up something for us? There are only two of us left in our family and friends guild (everyone else left WoW, we have nothing to offer new recruits, we don't want to give up our 5 bank tabs and we had too many bad experiences with large guilds to ever join one again). Looking at your raid/dungeon chart it appears that you have to have a full group so if just the two of us did a five-man the three empty spots would be considered non-guild members. So am I right in assuming that it is impossible for us to get any dungeon or raid achievements? Thanks for your help.
I am also wondering about the viability of two or three high level characters running a low level dungeon - will the empty spots count against us, or will it count as a guild run if 100% of the players in the dungeon are guildies?

Thanks for a great thread.
As GM of Knights of Dark Blade, it is my responcibility to be able to explain to my members what the "caps", "perks", and "GXP" is, and how it works. I thank you very much for your lengthy explanation of all these and so much more. You have helped give me a more rounded idea of what is going on, what is going to happen in the future, and what direction to guild my Guild Members. I would ask that if you have any further information, you again post here, and in General so that more can find answers to our questions. As to it being lost, I do not believe it will be, as I only had to put into the search a question, and it came up with this post as my answer.

Again Much Appreciated!

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