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This answered more questions than I could ever think of. I appreciate this, it has helped me in my quest to start a guild with an alt; I was a little hesitant about all the new content. Well done!
I share your pain about the negative side of small guilds. We really enjoy playing with a few close friends we have in the game, and it is not fun to see us just trying to get that guild exp just to Hope to be on par with some of the big guys. And with most of the raiding guilds enjoy the 10 man raids set up more then 25, I don't understand how small guilds can be left out of having advantages of mega or hard core guilds.
What I would hope to see some day that guild xp and rep could scale with the guild size and not have one for all cookie cutter setting.

I know that I share other people preferences as well, when I can say that it is fun to run some of the older raids with 2 or 3 friends. Having to have a min of 8 makes it that you have to take people that not interested, or don't even like running of the older content, would have an obligation to join in. That really takes all the fun out of the event.

I hope that in the close future our developers would take a look at current guild leveling accommodations for the small, tight, close friends guilds. Most of us has been playing since vanilla, and went through all the raids the game was offering us. But we really don't want to become a mega guild were people get lost and can't form a bond of friendship that smaller guild can offer.

I agree with that.

What I think Blizzard should do is scale guild XP required to level to the number of accounts (I say accounts and not characters because it is somewhat commonplace to invite one's alts to a guild) tied to the guild. It's probably complicated and would require a major patch, but it would really be worth it to the people in small guilds.

My best friend and I made a guild together that contains all of our alts, and after several weeks the guild is only at 10% of level 1, and that's only through endless quest grinding. It is a rare occasion to even get to 5% of the daily cap. It's irritating to see people in large guilds running around with heirlooms and special mounts when it seems like such stuff will never be within the grasp of my friend and me. It'd be nice to recruit a thousand people and get to level 25 in two months, but that takes the fun out of my friend and I having our own guild together. Even so, from what I understand it is rather difficult to recruit members for a guild if the guild is low in level. So even if I wanted to recruit, I'm still in a catch-22 situation: I cannot level the guild at more than a snail's pace because there needs to be more members, and I can't attract more members because the guild is only level 1 and there's only my friend and I.

Even a simple tweak (well, I don't know if it's simple in practice, but the concept is simple to me, at least) like modifying the number of guild members required to be in a group to make it a guild group so that it scales with the number of accounts would be helpful, since it's hard to get the three members when my friend and I number only two. Giving a reduced XP reward like 5% or 10% for one guild member doing a level-appropriate dungeon and maybe 25% for two guild members would be better than what we have right now.
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Great post thanks for the information on a semi confusing subject!
Guild XP awarded is 25% of BASE XP awarded for quests. The guild perk [Fast Track], BoA gear, and other XP enhancing buffs *DO NOT* increase GXP earned from questing.
Question. What are the current 4.2 guild requirements for 10/25/40 man raids? I have looked everywhere and cannot find this. Thank you.
Ok I was wondering what happens after your guild hits 25 besides the perks I haven't seen anything. I was just wondering?
Guild Reputation(Representation)"It's not your reputation with your guild, it's your reputation with the world as a representative of your guild."Guild Rep appears as a reputation bar with your guild name on it. However, considering the way it functions in game, it's more Guild Representation rather than Reputation, that is, you Representing your Guild in the world of Azeroth. Guild Rep is required in order to purchase Guild Rewards and contribute to Passive Guild Achievements.

BUT if you actually read the in-game tooltip by opening the guild tab then mouseover the Guild Reputation gage at the bottom of the window, it says:
"Guild reputation is your personal standing with your guild, and is required to buy guild rewards."

I like the idea of guild reputation, but every member of a guild should start no less than Friendly. No matter what explanation you use, a guild master who pays for a charter, rounds up signatures, buys tabards and bank tabs, spends time recruiting, organizing and managing a guild should probably start at Honored, but certainly no less than Friendly.

That's my suggestion for the next guild system version patch.
10/13/2011 04:41 PMPosted by Stromshadow
Ok I was wondering what happens after your guild hits 25 besides the perks I haven't seen anything. I was just wondering?

The only thing that really changes once you hit lvl 25 is that guild challenges reward gold to the guild bank instead of guild xp. That and obviously you can't accrue guild xp any more.

Question. What are the current 4.2 guild requirements for 10/25/40 man raids? I have looked everywhere and cannot find this. Thank you.

To the best of my knowledge the requirements are unchanged.

IIRC all 40 man vanilla and 25 man and TBC raids are treated as 10 man raids for the purposes of guild group calculation, thus requiring a minimum of 8 players.
8 of 10 players is required for any 10 man WOTLK/Cata Raid.
20 of 25 players is required for any 25 man WOTLK/Cata Raid.
This is really irritating. I do not always have a lot of time to play because I have a job. I feel like I am missing a lot of the game because of these weekly caps.
For a PvP centric Guild, it does not feel like there are many ways to earn GXP/GRep and what points are earned do not seem like they are earned at the same rate as other methods.

Suggestion: Create more PvP daily quests, award some amount of GXP/GRep for queuing to random battlegrounds in a group of 3 or more guild members.

GRep at lower levels is earned extremely slowly. To the point that it's impossible to even reach friendly prior to level 60 something.

Suggestion: Make GRep earned be a flat amount per quest, possibly based on the quest's level appropriateness. Grey - 0, Green - 12, Yellow - 25, Orange - 37, Red - 50

You mention the above about setting guild pvp quest's or events- Could some one please refer me towards more info on this as i am the guild master and i want to set up more interactions between guild members to help raise the guild lvl so that they can get more benifits out of the guild.
So after you do the 7 dungeons in the challenges there is no benefit to doing the dungeons with just parties of three? I am confused by this cause my guildmates say you can only do the 7 dungeons a week.
So....Basically, since i'm exalted with my guild, that means i can't help lvl'ing up the guild by doing quest?
As the level of rep changes from 3/4/5 people in a 5 man random, Would Blizzard consider adding one for 2/5 people. As a GM of a small family guild getting even 3/5 is often difficult, and maxing your exp each week is near impossible.

I know doing a daily Jewl Crafting gives guild exp, do any of the other professions give guild exp?
I noticed that there is a guild rep total number of 166 million in wow armory. My guilds are both 25 but one has 8k out of 166m and one has 100k out of 166m. Is that for future guild levels? Personally i don't like guild levels because they encourage players to constantly jump ship for greener pastures especially those who play 24/7 are never satisfied.
Ok Ty Sariax awesome info. The guild advancement is very exciting, now that in 8-10 months we will be playing The New Xpac Warlords of Ogrimmar. I really would like to see the Guild Advance to Level 50 from 25. Sariax said 850 Mil xp well lets see 20-30 Mil XP to get to Level 50???
Thanks for the write up. It answers a lot of my questions. I didn't see anything about guild etiquette. What should one do or not do in a guild to be a good member. I have one specific question in that regard. I just joined my first guild and saw that it's bank is full of stuff that apparently that I can withdraw. I already took a tabard as suggested by a guild member. Should I take anything else I want? I haven't because it seems like robbing the bank (couldn't resist the pun). If I do withdraw something, should I make a corresponding deposit? Do the rules vary depending on the guild?
I have a guild specific question re: Banking. I would rather spend what little time I have playing than lurking about trying to find an answer, so, I apologize in advance if my query is inappropriate to this discussion.
I am very new to the paid subscription, and do try to learn by trial and error. I deposited 50 gold into what I thought was my own personal page/account, it went into the guild account and with hundreds of members, I cannot find an officer who will deal with me. Nor does there seem to be an area to request an officer contact me. (I did send a couple guild broadcasts, tho.) I don't mind contributing, but, come on, 50 g my first week? I also seem to be missing items from what i thought? was my personal place to keep extraneous items. Is this incorrect? Someone please help me, I am kept so busy running around doing silly quests, I can't dungeon, (another thing I'm learning by t & a.) or do much of anything else.
Again, I apologize if I should be posting elsewhere, and thank u in advance for any help/time.
Wyykd ~+~
I have an incredibly stupid guild-related question: how do you run a dungeon with guild members? Like, how do you go about forming a guild group? I only started playing WoW last year and I've been playing pretty much solo, but I just joined a legit guild and want to contribute (but have no idea how to). Thanks!

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