Transmute: Living Elements Clarification

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Thanks for letting everyone who isn't smart enough to figure this out know how to undercut those who are.
ok just like the other specialized alchy pot/elixir the bonuses are totally random your not promised a bonus everytime you transmute or make pot/elixir. if you do happen to get your bnous check your messages on screen it normally tells you when u get your bonuses
I am a Transmutation Master and I often get two different types of Volatiles.
I switched to x-mute master two days ago, and the very first truegold x-mute I did I proc'd 5 bars from one set of mats! Then yesterday I did living elements in Uldum and received 15 Air + 4 Air bonus.

Seems to be working as intended. My second truegold x-mute this morning yielded a single bar.
My priest, a transmute master, within the last hour, followed this information and went to Mt.Hyjal to transmute my Volatile Life, I recieved all Earth. Any response to this?
Pls make the same functionality for inscriptionist darkmoon cards:
Uldum - Winds
Vashj'ir - Waves
Mt. Hyjal - Embers
Deepholm - Stones

As it is, inscriptionists have a 1:32 chance to burn 500g in mats to create one card to finish a trinket (an effective cost of 16,000g for one card)! This at least would bring the chances down to 1:9. Any other craft where making epic patterns is totally random?
Are there any transmutation discoveries to add to the Cataclysm volatiles? I have over 100 volatile fire and would love for my priest to transmute them to volatile life.
07/02/2011 01:13 AMPosted by Lichbornne
Thanks for letting everyone who isn't smart enough to figure this out know how to undercut those who are.

We're not supposed to figure it out. The description said that it couldn't be predicted at all and the purpose of this thread was to clarify that that isn't 100% true.
I talked to a GM and me and him were both curios on to why they did not take off the CD on Transmuting old Essences for instance [Essence of Air] [Essence of Water] [Essence of undeath] [Essence of Earth] [Essence of Life] [Essence of Fire] if its not to much to ask i would really appreciate the CD on Transmuting those items to be taken off like you guys took off the CD on Tailoring Cloth

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