As you can see, Cata is a lot more guild-intensive than any previous xpac, and beyond that, is even more friendly to larger guilds.

Stating that, I'm the GM of <Exploited>. We're interested in absorbing a few small guilds, to get our head count up. We're not zerging, 12yo trolls are free to join other guilds, and neither are we desperately seeking. Single players are welcome as well, including levelers.

We'd love to be able to accomplish some of the new guild achievements, feats of strength, etc. Sadly, cutting 25,000 gems 'of a at least a superior quality' is a little hard for 200 players to do (Out of which, only about 50% are 80 or above).

We'd love to have enough (good!) players to begin a 25man. We have most of the players set for a 10man. In addition to those interested in raiding, we have quite a few focused on pvp, and our PvP officers are looking to put together an amazing 10man for premades. Besides that, comic relief is welcome as well. We tend to BS a lot.. If you're interested you'll need somewhat of a thick skin.

If you're interested, you can whisper Crazypyrox, Tolasketu, Audioslaved, or Iloverx. We do have 5 tabs, and a website (actually bought and coded by Agz, thank you! [which is a little empty as of now, as it was just created]). www.exploitedwow.com. You can swing by the general forum and post details about your guild, or leave us a message saying you'd like an invite. More forums open upon being accepted in the guild.

Anyways, happy questing!


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