Twilight Skies

Bug Report
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The Twilight Skies quest on lightning blade is bugged. The zeppelin does not explode at Dragonmaw Port so the quest can not be completed. Since this is the first quest for the area all other quests are locked.
Arthas Server Twilight Skies Quest is also bugged. The Zeplin portion does nothing but port you back. So you can't move on to next quest or any quests in that zone.
Laughing Skull Also bugged
Darkspear sever as well.
Kel thuzzad too...
Laughing Skull
Lightning hoof, also.
Proudmoore too...
The Alliance version of this quest, "Aiming High," does not work on Cenarius. Multiple people were complaining about it as I attempted to throw my desk out the window. Not sure what to do. It completely prohibits moving on to other chains in the zone.

It takes a few tries to be shot onto the Zeppelin, and once there, the bomb cannot be planted.
This is broken on Darkspear US. 3 tries so far. :(
The Underbog
add Elune- US to the list of broken quests.... :'(
eredar as well...keep makin threads about this and bumping them until someone at blue reads them its ridiculous, whoever they pay to watch over these forums needs to find a new job
Blood Furnace is glitched also any idea when they will fix this if its even going to be today
also bugged on Proudmoore.. /cries w/sadface
Kirin Tor as well.

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