Who's planning on Transferring

Starting a post to see how many are going to transfer. This will give you an idea how many so you can choose to transfer for sure.
those realms suck
I moved my Death Knight (Alliance) so I could roll a horde Death Knight here. I didn't want to delete my Dwarf.
i am... if anyone else does hit me up, i maybe transfering back to horde... not sure yet. Anyway if you get over there and want someone to run **#! with or just someone to talk to msg me.
F that, im staying. How about you gura off this server
Do some research before Transfer, Blizzard is giving us a shaft staying or transfer. If you do transfer KNOW before hand the only server (Nazjatar) they are letting you go to, Is about the worse server they have! Near no one on it, And has about a 70% Horde to a 30% Alliance. Of the few that are on it.

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