Worgen Journeyman Riding ?

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Where do i go to learn this do i just visit my class trainer? or is there some where specific im supposed to go? any help is appreciated
You go to Darnassus and learn it from the NE riding trainer
Sure Worgen, go to Darnasus to learn apprentice riding. Just don't talk to Jartsam. He won't teach you apprentice riding. Try to buy a mount from Leltanai and she will let you know you must be exalted with Darnasus before you can purchase a saber mount.

You have to go to the Howling Oak in Darnasus, and find Astrid Langstrump to get your first mount, a Mountain Horse.

The Mountain Horse is soul bound so there is no way you can buy one and mail to your alts.

Meanwhile, enjoy your first mount. It sure beats walking.

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