Keybind stealth?

Why is it that I can't keybind my stealth button? I'd really like to avoid downloading anymore addons. I've added stealth to my action bars and keybound that, but the goddamn stealth button is still hovering over my action bars D:
I think I'm confused on what your asking here...

If your asking how to keybind the Stealth (Special Action) button above your main Action Bar (1) than you need to just change the Special Action Button keybind (CTRL+F1) to whatever you want.

If your asking how to remove the Special Action Stealth button above your main Action Bar and just have one on your main/bottom left action bar, then you can't without an add-on.
I was able to bind my stealth key to Q via "Special Action Bar 1" under the key bind menu.

cant login to verify the name but i think special action bar 1 is close..
Thanks for the quick replies, I guess I missed the special button inputs *derp*
this helped me out too now shadow dance with my razer naga mouse button 4 is beast lol
You can also just drag stealth from your spellbook to a normal hotbar slot.
Holy Necro Batman.

Stealth is my 5 key, that's where the game put it when I learned it and it'd feel so weird to move it...

Although I have it double as a shadowmeld castsequence macro while in combat.
been playing rogue for like 2 years and i didnt even know you could do that :/
i just made a simple macro
#showtooltip stealth
/cast stealth

then you can put it where you want
why would you key bind stealth
02/26/2012 08:32 AMPosted by Verelyse
Holy Necro Batman.
11/19/2015 01:24 PMPosted by Putria
why would you key bind stealth

Cuz sometimes you gotta dip it fast.

#showtooltip stealth
/cast !stealth
Double necro

I just logged into my game and have noticed the stealth icon is (if you will) two action bars above the main one.

When I looked I found that a mount had been placed in the bar above main action bar and found stealth to be just above that. Is this part of an update? This has never happened to me in previous gaming sessions as stealth was always directly above main action bar.
11/19/2015 01:32 PMPosted by Sheevah
02/26/2012 08:32 AMPosted by Verelyse
Holy Necro Batman.

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