Blood Knight tabard available yet?

That's all.
Got mine from a low level quest in org
Are you able to provide a quest name or area where you picked the quest up from please? Much appreciated.
Here you are, good Sir Knight.

Its currently the only tabard I wear until I get high enough to gain rep w/ my city tabards again.
Level 50 quest, gotten from the Paladin trainer in Orgrimmar, takes you into Blackrock Depths. Head left inside the instance, then hang a right. It'll take you right to the Black Anvil, and you can pick up the weapons along the way.
Thanks for the help. The day they removed it I went bat-s#&% crazy looking for the old quest mats to get one before I relized it was removed. It looks cool and it wearing one can quite positively add to my overall sexyness.

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