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To make these figurines world drops for Jewelcrafters? I've picked up all but one, the tanking one, and I have been farming for it for the past two hours. I don't know if I'm the only one who's been having a hard time with it, but it's kind of irritating when I look at an alchemist who got their trinket on day one, and i've yet to get mine.
I have all but the melee DPS one and didn't farm for them. I'll get the last through Dailies or what quests I still have.
Yeah, I didn't farm for the three I have either, but now I'm 85 and need the tank one.
I picked up spirit and SP trinket by fluke, was great.
I picked up a couple of the quests and completed them. Are there recipes that match these or were those taken out before live?
blizzards are racist to tanks, it took me a long time to gete any tanking gear at 85
I have none of them my jc is at 516 and ive farmed for afew hours tryign to get them .... am i bugged or am i doing something wrong :(
12/10/2010 7:07 AMPosted by Muddgun
I have none of them my jc is at 516 and ive farmed for afew hours tryign to get them .... am i bugged or am i doing something wrong :(

Similar boat. Solidly above the 475 mandatory point for them to drop, but I've still yet to see a single one, despite several days of questing/dailies/farming. Quite frustrating!
im starting to think they dont drop for lvl 85's i did 22 dailies today no drop still meh this is really annoying
12/10/2010 5:07 AMPosted by Bcos
Yeah, I haven't gotten the tanking one yet either but I got the others as soon as I got to deepholm.. Is deepholm the only place they drop?

I found the tank and strength dps one in vash
has anyone found one while being lvl 85 ?
I haven't found one, and only started farming since I hit level 85.

Since mining is worthless to healers, and I am in fact a healer, I am (quite logically) not a miner. Therefore, I did not have ready access to metals to work with while leveling; I hit level 85, then went back and started working on my jewelcrafting, so wasn't eligible for them to drop while leveling.

I would really love to see some more information from Blizzard about this. That they decided to take a step backwards in making these world drops is frustrating enough, but I can see no possible reason to restrict access to these for level 85 characters.

Edit: I just spent about an hour farming in Deepholm, with no luck. Did find a random world drop level 80 BoE spirit trinket, but I think that was just the game trying to mock me >.>
Have been questing and doing dailies / farming for this in Deepholm since 85. Have yet to see one drop. I'd like my stam trinket fix please.
Hmm I'd like know what the deal is as well, but I doubt it just doesn't drop for 85's. Maybe it only drops in starting zones making it seem like it doesn't drop for 85's because you're farming in the wrong zone? Hell I don't know, but Id like to know before I go farming =)
I got my first one doing the lead in quests to Twighlight Highlands. I just got my JC to 475 today so I could prospect for gems. That has been my one and only after two hours of killing things.
All I know its rather annoying. I don't have mining and paying upwards of 1k a stack for ore is something I refused to do, so leveling JC has been slow and painful. In fact I haven't even reached 490 JC due to a lack of ore (and the hotfix has made it even harder). I am a healer, so I have spent most of my time in dungeons. I always hope it will drop in the very short time I have to knock out dailies to help get my rep up but no such luck in actually getting them to drop, not to mention my luck with drops is historically terrible. I think making the trinkets drops was just a plain bad idea. If they don't want us to just train the trinket patterns fine but at least make it a quest we can pick up from a JC trainer.
did 25 dailies today and 3 instances still no drops :(

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