My thoughts on RET at 85

First of all leveling was terrable as ret, I used so much mana healing myself, and could not pull more than 3 mobs because I would die. But I did late afternoon on the 8th.

My thoughts:

1) Inquistion does not effect TV. If inq uses 3 holy power and only lasts 30 seconds, then it should effect all damage dealing abilities.
2) Ret doesnt do much damage as I thought. In every heroic I've been in the boomkin was top dps, followed by the mage then the dk. They were always on top.
3) I have about 1200 haste and my crusader strike ability is a 3.6 second cooldown. In order to achive the ~3.0 second cooldown in CS I would need alot more haste. My am finding myself using two filler abilities inbetween CS.
4) Mastery needs to change. Currently if we wanted to have mastery the second best stat, behind strength, we could need to use a very fast weapon, but in turn would kill our already low damage.

Please let me know what you think about 85 ret.
I'm only 82 on my ret paladin so far but I've been pretty disappointed with ret since 4.0. I agree with you on the inquisition not affecting TV. I also feel like our aoe dps is just awful compared to what it used to be. Zealotry to me also feels like a useless ability, only giving me MAYBE 2 or 3 extra TVs in my rotation and not bumping my dps much at all. I'm likin the major burst damage of ret now but my overall dps is extremely lacking. I'm not wanting ret paladins to be back at the level of OP they were like naxx era but come on give us a bit more to work with blizz!
I don't know if I'm doing something very, very wrong or what, but I do a lot more DPS as prot using the same gear and just swapping out the 2h with a 1h and shield.
On the 85 single target training dummy (the one that stands alone on the ledge above the drag) and just after dinging 84 I pull ~5k DPS with my Prot spec in a 5 minute test (self buffed, no consumables). With Ret I can barely pull 3200.

On multi targets where HoR and AS shine, the disparity is much greater. I tried leveling as Ret very briefly but after getting mauled to death when I pulled 3 mobs I quickly switched back to Prot. Leveling as Prot is much, much easier due to the higher DPS and the much better survivability which lets me pull 6+ MoBs at a time without any problem at all. Unless I'm doing something terribly wrong (I'm using the Inq > HoW > Exo > TV > CS > J > HW > Cons rotation priority) or something is drastically different at 85 or with better gear I just don't see ret having any use at all.

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