almost all plate DPS gear has mastery!

12/10/2010 8:19 AMPosted by Grungast
Mastery would work if it:

Scaled with total damage

Scaled with holy damage

Added a DoT

Added a proc

Added a button press off the GCD

The only way mastery can never work is by needing to eat a GCD to use it.

I don't see why you quoted me... I never said mastery wasn't bad for ret. I was just saying the other guy made it sound like mastery was only made for ret (the way he said it looks more like a broad generalization of mastery for every class/spec)

I was merely pointing out how mastery can work to be the intended knob to turn to balance DPS, and how for ret they have gone with just about the only option where it can not function in this way.

12/10/2010 11:04 AMPosted by Juicenewton
[quote="14060464461"]From recent blue posts, I expect they'll be changing Ret's Mastery.

dont get your hopes up ive never seen any post like that

imo ret mastery is pretty fantastic, especially in pvp not so much in pve i guess but thats what reforging is for.[/quote]

The only reason it is any good in PvP is because of the lack of offensive utility combined with the longest ramp up of any spec in the game. It is a repeat of seal of casino. If the RNG gods are happy then you can kill. If not then you have no proc and are dead yourself.

It wasn't fun in TBC and it isn't fun now. The only reason it seems to be at all fun is because it is the only way to counter the broken spec mechanics.
What DPS plate? there's like a grand total of 6 DPs plate pieces that drops from normal dungeons, and an equivalent amount that come from quest rewards that's over 325 ilvl. It feels impossible to gear up for heroics without actually bypassing the average 329 ilvl by equipping random 333 items.
I love the mastrey on plate :p makes me block like, everything.

ever thought about just wearing mail maybe?

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