A question about paladins.

I'm having a blast with my warlock.

But I'm also getting slightly burnt. LOL I need a small break.

I want a paladin now. A dwarf paladin :) But I want one that can solo efficiently all the way to 85. That means knowledge I have zip about.

Spec? Glyphs? A guide perhaps? What do you folks suggest?

<sits back and waits patiently>
Okay reading some of the posts here I've gathered Protection built like DPS is the best route to go.

Now I just need to know:

1 or 2 Handed?


And finally...glyphs.

I'll keep reading perhaps I'll answer my own questions. LOL
I raid as Holy., but leveled to 80 in wotlk in prot spec. absolutely loved it. i would pull 5+ mobs and not die. but this was before everything came out. I'm now leveling to 85 as ret. I love it too. Hope this helps. I think it comes down to whatever you like, blizzard tries to balance things for everyone. Just depends on the type of person you are.
Ret is apparently a lot of fun right now, but I leveled as Prot and, leveling (80+) as Prot again, it's quite fun.

If you can play patiently, Prot works well. It doesn't kill single targets down fast, but in 1 on 1 fights, you will almost never die. This also means you can take out elites if you're on the ball enough.

Ret, on the other hand (at least prior to 80), burns through targets quickly if you stick to taking just 1 or 2 on at a time. But you run the risk of dying if you pull too much.

Holy is actually level-able (I was Holy from levels 10-36ish back in BC days...), and it's got something of a mix once you get some Exo going. It kind of plays more like a caster, though, and spell pushback sucks. :) But you can heal like no other, so you won't die too much as long as you keep Concentration Aura up and don't pull TOO much more than you can chew.

So it really depends on your play style. Some people swear that Ret can go faster, I like Prot just because the only time I have to make a GY run is if I get ganked. ^_^ As long as you're aware of and use your abilities, you seriously will never die. And if you ever get a Mage for a friend, you can go around pulling entire ZONES (I exaggerate...but not by as much as you might think...) and living to tell the tale.

If you like DPS, Ret may be the better choice, though. Ret and Prot are both good at wading into enemies and coming out on top. Ret kills faster, but Prot can take on more/stronger enemies at once and still survive.
Oh yeah, IF you do choose Prot, can't go wrong with sword and board. If you go Ret, go with a two hander, your spec perks will thank you.

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