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Well I tried pally tanking for the first time last night and it was a disaster. I cannot really understand what exactly I am doing wrong. I've got the basic build going to level 21.

Just for note, I queued at level 17 and did not have Exorcism yet.

My rotation with Righteous Fury on was Avengers Shield for pull, Judge, Crusader Strike, then Judge when it came off CD, then AS and Crusader Strike when I could....I felt like 80% of my attacks were white attacks.

I would run in throw my shield and immediately see the words, "Losing Threat." Maybe that was speedy DPS's fault for not letting me build any threat.

Pretty much mobs would 2.5 shot me...if the healer wasn't basically god, I was one else died either just me. And yes the healer was ready when I pulled.

So my question is what am I doing wrong...besides well it feels like everything.

I'm actually pretty frustrated because pre-4.0; I had a DK tank and Prot Warrior tank and they were really easy for me, but this just yea it's not.

There isnt too much you can do at that low a level due to your limited resources, just don't overpull and if all else fails, CC something, though you shouldn't have to.
Use Word of Glory to help the healer out if you get too low, if you're still getting killed too quickly then you either pulled too many or the healer is crap. Taunt any that come off agro and spam judgement and crusader till avenger's shield is off cd and use it for AoE for now. This is about it till 24 and you get consecration for AoE threat. If you are losing threat during the pull, as in soon after you throw your shield in, then thats probably hasty DPS not letting you grab agro.
it gets better, just keep at it.
part of the problem is BoA geared DPS
stacking more strength would help some

but the best thing to do is to let the BoA geared player who refuses to watch his aggro have the mob.
You don't use exorcism. Holy wrath is useful but you won't get it for 7 more levels. You should read what I posted about your gear in your other thread, and do what I said with your professions.
You're fine really, thats just the way it is until you get hammer of righteousness.

Don't forget to use your damage aura, devotion aura is only a very very minor physical damage reduction, the added threat from retribution more than makes up for it.

Also use the weapon enchant that heals and adds mana. The heal actually adds to your AOE threat on top of giving you mana.

Once you get HoR its easy street, but until them you will need to tab through mobs and smack around the ones you're closest to loosing.

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