Pally vs Priest

My friend is making a prot paladin and insists I make a healer. This is fine because I like to heal. I know I don't want a shaman or druid, but I am very torn between priest and paladin healer. Which do you enjoy? Is one more engaging or does one have more tools than the other? Is one more widely sought after?

My alt is planned as a Warlock so I am pensive about having two clothies, but it could be good!
I am kind of enamored with having awesome melee weapons though too...
If your alt is a Warlock then a paladin would provide more diversity. Down the road, you could duel spec and do melee DPS or tank. If you went priest, you would have 2 casters dps and 1 healer spec available to you. The only real healer specific advantage i see to the Priest is that you have two available healing trees. You can spec Disc or Holy depending on your play style. That being the case, the play style is not all that different between all the healers and their healing specs.

As for tools, i would say its pretty balanced.
I love my Paladin and it is fun to have cool looking armor! I also like Paladins because the can tank, heal and Dps. How ever if you are going to be healing only then i would go priest.. However if your alt is a Warlock go pally and you will have more fun!
12/10/2010 5:31 PMPosted by Raia
I also like Paladins because the can tank, heal and Dps.

Bingo. I love queuing as Tank/DPS/Heals.

Granted, it's not as bad as it was (ie: all three with one spec), I now have to switch between Prot and Holy. :)
I would do priest right now. Priests seem to have a better time healing. As a whole though healing is pretty tough right now. My roommate has a priest and he enjoys it.
Priest no contest, better healer altogether.

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